Estate Sale finds

Friday morning I dropped the girls off at school and took off to an estate sale. I will be honest I was afraid it was going to be one that posted amazing pictures and then get there only to find crapola!!  

My mindset was well if there is nothing good, I will go to Hobby Lobby & HomeGoods.  

I pulled up to 2 big giant tents set up, tons of furniture outside of the tents...and FREE coffee!!  Now that my friends is an estate sale. 

I thought that since it started at 9 and I got there at 9:30 I had probably missed out by the looks of the line of cars, people walking out with boxes of things, and so on.  But, luckily I didn't miss out!!

It was pure awesome!!

Some things were a little pricey, but overall they had things marked right, and they were willing to negotiate.  All in all I walked away with some great bargains!

Wanna see?

A box full of Mason Jars & 2 French's Mustard Jars!

4 Pyrex bowls

You will be seeing these cool doors in my house!! :)


Cute bench with a little storage area

 Pie Safe...adorable


These posts are from an old estate in the Hudson Valley.  They were used on the stairway leading to the upstairs.  Can you imagine!!  I got all 6 of them.  I am planning a table & will use the other 2 for another project!

This is an old iron candle holder.  I got 2 of them...

Great estate sale!!

Saturday was our village wide yard sale from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  I had been looking forward to making my way to different homes this year to see what was being offered.

I printed out my list of addresses and made myself a map of how I would go down street by street.  In some areas of the village the streets are very narrow.

I only managed to find a few items, but it was a gorgeous day out.

My favorite find was this little teal Westinghouse fan.  It is in perfect working order.  

I also found these leather bound books.  

I found a really old trunk, a sled, an old metal lunch box (it reminded me of the one my daddy used to carry), and a side table. 

That was my finds.  I left around 8:45 and met up with my crew at 10 for Katie's soccer game, headed across the street to the church that was holding the appletime festival.  I grabbed a cup of yummy pecan coffee and a piece of pumpkin cake!! And, headed back out for a little longer.  I was home by 12:30 and enjoyed the remainder of my day with my girls. 

All in all a great weekend for some great finds.  The weather was nothing short of perfection.  

~ Lynn


  1. I swear lady I am jealous of all of your awesome finds!! Those doors are amazing. I need to find some for our master bath.

  2. Love it all! Did you happen to get the milk crates with "Deposit" on them? My best friend from back home lives there--would love to have on for her!

  3. I am sort of jealous. Those doors? I have been looking for a vintage looking fan for months. They are usually really expensive. Gosh - you are going to have some fun decorating ahead! You must have a big car...a must have for junkers. BTW - your blog always looks so fresh.

  4. Hand over the doors and posts and no one gets hurt.

  5. What wonderful finds...the doors are amazing. Can't wait to see what you do with all these beauties!

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Isn't it so amazing when you end up finding so many wonderful treasures at an estate sale, garage sale or antique market?!! The thrill of the hunt is for me, the most fun at such happenings! I LOVE your Westinghouse fan, it is TOO CUTE!!


  7. Wow, that looks like the mother load of estate sales. I've never come across anything like that around here.

    1. Robin - it was a pretty amazing sale. This is the 2nd one I've been to this summer/fall that was really awesome. Until then nothing like this. Thank you for stopping by :)

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