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I think I might have to start making my auction ventures a piece of my blog.  I have always loved going to auctions.

I started going to horse auctions with my dad at very early age.  He stuck me on every horse we sent through the ring...  Horses always went for more when they saw a teeny tiny munchkin aboard a giant animal.  Soon many of the horse traders would hit me to take their horses through for them.  I learned about bidding and watching others bid at an early age.  One of my fondest memories as a child is getting up early on Saturday mornings on auction day asking begging to go whether we had horses to take or not.  This was one of my favorite childhood memories that my daddy & I made.  So it is naturally in my blood to seek out an auction...

Saturday we got up early and went peach/plum/veggie/flower picking at Weeds Orchards.  It was cloudy and a little rainy but we loaded up and went anyway....

Well we started out, turned around and then turned back around.  So glad we turned around and went on because it turned out to be a fabulous day!

My peaches!

We got home, the girls went swimming & I packed up to head off to an auction.

It was in this old red barn and is held on the 1st Saturday of the month.  I got there as they were doing box lots.  I browsed around for a bit and looked at some of the bigger items.  Of course the one thing I already have enough of is the one thing I was highly interested in....

Chairs!  I fell in love at first sight.  I do need some for our dining room table completely justified...RIGHT!?!

I walked back over to watch the box lots go.  I noticed that they sat this round table up on the table they were using to auction stuff off of.  I thought at first it was to help display the items.  And, then...there it was being offered.

Starting at $ one bid...went all the way down to $5.  I couldn't get my card up fast enough..a bid at $7 and then me at $8 and then $9 and me at $10...the other bidder dropped.  WHAT!!!  $10 folks and I was told to come & get her!


I came back inside from walking her to my van.  I ended up winning this wonderful English Ironstone wash basin & pitcher and this amazing crock...for steals!!

Now was time for the regular auction.  I made friends with a couple that sat behind me.  They were super nice and we chatted throughout the auction.  

There were many great items going through.  I came home with the following...

YES my chairs!! I got a steal...$150 for all 5.  That was $30 a chair and it made me so super happy.  The chairs are very old and they came from an old farmhouse in Pennsylvania.  I can't wait to get them ready for our table!!  1 .... ONE very similar chair went through the richy auction for almost $300.  So when I won these babies my heart would not stop pounding!  Then I was afraid of what would happen when I got home with MORE chairs.  If you don't know (I posted recently) I have 4 sets of 6 chairs... Yeah you see where this is going.  I justified it by saying I didn't to bust up the chairs from the tables I have.

You do know what this means though, right.  Yuppers this would mean I need to get my act together and get some of those chairs refinished & sold :)  Working on it honey... I am, promise.

 These Roseville, Ohio stoneware bowls are gorgeous!!  The first set is a 5 bowl nesting set and the second is a 3 bowl nesting set.  Both in absolute mint condition!  The first I was surprised I even won and the 2nd set went late and for really cheap.

I also won this trunk towards the end of the auction.  It just needs to be cleaned up.  I watched a similar trunk go through the auction last weekend for over $400... I did not pay even close to $100 for this nor would I.  I pretty much walked out with this baby for nada!!

Towards the middle of the auction (around 7:30ish) the crowd started dwindling.  They were pretty much giving things away.  I would've liked to have had my trailer with time.  I watched a beautiful vintage armoire go through for $50, a stunning hutch all oak go for $25...they were begging people to take things.  I didn't have room for anything else.  

This auction will definitely be on my rotation list of must go to.  


  1. Oh my Goooosh!! You're killing me! I so love auctions and you're finding incredible things!!! I so wish I lived by you!!!~~Ang

  2. Great finds Lynn!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. I am going to come and steal those chairs!


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