Outside work...never ending!!

We had a crazy 4th of July weekend...hit the ground running literally.

On the morning of the 3rd my daddy flew out to visit family.  Being the good daughter I am I drove him to the airport.  This meant I had to be up at 4 a.m.   He had a 6 a.m. flight, but he carries a small oxygen tank with him so it's best to be at the airport a little early.  I could not fall asleep the night before and before I knew it the clock read 2:30.  No use for me to fall asleep because I would not wake. I went to bed at 6 p.m. finally that night!  My husband took over that night :)

So on the 4th the guys setting the paver stones showed up...unexpectedly and worked until almost 2:30 p.m.  We have had such an extraordinary amount of rain that they come when they can.  

Friday the asphalt was starting to be poured...the day brought us a nice heat wave of 100.  Yikes...great day to be pouring black tar, huh!  I honestly did not step foot outside until I turned on our grill to make fajitas that night for dinner.  

We created a U shaped driveway for a few reasons. Our front yard is not big, all of our land is in the back of the house.  So we wanted to create more parking for guests and a place for the girls to ride their bikes.  In the little U area (see the mailbox), there will be a nice rock wall built for a little privacy.  

As the guys were unloading the machines they hit our power line around 9:30...out went the power.  We had nothing!  My husband called the electric company and the guy came out and told us we would be next on the list to be turned on.  His crew was working on another outage, but they were working on short crews with the holiday weekend.  We were expecting a long day of not knowing because you know neither of us had a charged cell phone.  I ran out to get us lunch and right before I left....the power came on.  Whew!

We had a busy weekend trying to get a lot of outside work done.  As mentioned with the rains we have had to take the attitude "the outside work gets done when we can".  Some days it is frustrating, other days I am just happy we have had the rain.

We finally got some plants in the ground in the front.

All of our plants must be deer resistant....we have many guests that like to walk through on a daily basis!!  I love them but I also love my plants.  We plan on putting something over the dirt around the plants.  This is still up for debate.  I'd like to have stone...it was originally planned for mulch.  But, I like maintenance free :)

And, then there is the back still.  We finally made a decision on what we wanted to put down.  We chose Cambridge PavingStone XL Ledgestone 3 piece design kit in Riverbed Blend.  We had 13 pallets delivered and ready to be laid... 

Oh and that means...I have 13 pallets to do whatever it is I'd like to do with :)  Anybody have any ideas?

Lots of work!  I was given the "maybe we will be putting in a pool at the end of the summer".  What the what?!?!  My little waterbugs will be so happy....  

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

~ Lynn

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