Butter Churn

Happy Monday!  We have been getting drenched in pouring rains.  Sunday afternoon we had a crazy downpour and woke up to a rain storm moving in.  By 9 a.m. it was pouring once again.  I love having rain since I grew up in Texas and enduring drought after drought.

Here in the Hudson Valley June normally sees about 4.42 inches of rain.   This June we've seen probably 10 - 12 inches (maybe more in some areas).  That is a lot of rain.

Butter Churns... I love them!

At the Country Living Fair...price $595
There was one on an online auction ended up going for $425...

Neither of those prices work for me. 

So I walked away from them.  But, I have always wanted one...always.  

I had seen an ad for an estate sale on Saturday and wow it looked awesome.  So I got up and went.  I should've been one of those people that show up early because I missed out on a couple of great items.  But, I was obeying rules (ugh this is one of those times that I should've said...rules are made to be broken).

I walked around outside the barn...lots of really great items.  Tons of vintage trunks.  But, I tell ya the lady knew what she had.

I went up to the house and walked around.  I found an old mini rolling pin and a couple of old ladles and a cute little stool.  Again...she knew what she had.  But, she was willing to bargain.  I grabbed those 3 items and made my way around the remainder of the house.  That was it....nothing more for me.

I walked out the front door to pay and then I saw this cute rocking horse.  I sat my stuff down & told the lady those were my items, but wanted to take a quick look at the pony.  It was sitting next to an old wicker set of outdoor furniture.

I got up to the pony....  Oh boy did she know what she had per the price tag.  But....then.... there it was...

It's MY butter churn.  It was sitting behind the wicker couch waiting for me. Sorry for the horrible quality picture.  See above about the weather :(  I just can't get the lighting right no matter what room I move it to.

My heart sank when I saw...I was afraid to even look at the tag.  And, then I saw about 10 other people see what I saw at the same time.  Lucky I was the one on that side of the wicker couch....

I reached down and picked up the coveted churn.  Price tag was definitely in my reach. Not sure why but she had it priced low...very low.  It jumped right into my van and smiled with me the whole ride home!!

It looks as though I am off to an auction this afternoon...  First one in a while...can't wait!  



  1. How fabulous!!! Don't you love it when fate goes your way??!! Hope you're having a great day!~~Angela

  2. Lucky you. I love the churn too. Hope you have fun at the auction. Thanks for visiting Petticoat Junktion

  3. What a great success story, it is a gorgeous one!
    I'm still looking.


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