Lots of projects under way! Working on the outside of the house...

Between the girls ballet recital and the never ending list of projects around here life has been super busy.

We've started working on the outside of the house.  The entire yard was torn up during excavation of the old house and then the build.  There were days that it poured and the yard just took a beating.  Plus I don't believe I've shared the outside of the house since we've moved in.  

We've decided to do a big U shaped drive in our front yard.  We don't have much of a front yard...which is fine with me, I'd rather have the entire backyard.  We sit on a little over 3 acres, part of which are a wooded area.

These boys were in their glory playing on the big machine :)

Digging a trench for better drainage.

We will be making this into an outdoor dining area.

The sliding doors and the door under the deck goes into the basement.

A full view!

A better view of where the outdoor dining area will be.

This is where the U shape drive is being put in.  We have started on the pavers in front of the front and side garage door.  We will be having asphalt poured, but we are on hold due to rains that we've had and more coming in.

It's decided that it would like to rain lately...between our spring showers and Andrea moving through...we've had lots of it.  I am not complaining...we always need the rain.  

I've been working endlessly on many projects inside the house.  I believe it has to do with the fact that I just had lots and lots of furniture to redo.

I am also working on something that I will get to reveal soon.  It's exciting!!!  I will be able to share with you on June 21 :)  Sorry but not a day before :(

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

~ Lynn


  1. Gosh, you guys have a huge job on your hands!!! Can't wait to watch it all come together!! Your house looks enormous!!!! I bet you love having 3 acres!! Love ya, gal and thanks for your support!!~~Ang

    1. Aww Ang you just made my heart smile so big;) Big XOXO to you!!!


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