Did you know that Carolina Farmhouse changed their name to Cecil Mack Company

.**Sorry to my blog readers but I need to continue to provide updates about Carolina Farmhouse/Cecil Mack Co here.  I've had a few "new" customers contact me for additional information,**

Carolina Farmhouse changed the name to Cecil Mack Co. at the beginning of June.  

There are still many unanswered questions that customers have and probably will have for quite some time. 

Coming directly from Carolina Farmhouse/Cecil Mack attorney...you can also find this on his website.  

Re: Carolina Farmhouse changes its name to Cecil Mack

It is with our sincerest apologies that we caused any concern, worry, or angst amongst previous customers of Carolina Farmhouse or those waiting for refunds with regard to the name change to "Cecil Mack." Carolina Farmhouse is working to separate themselves from what they feel to be unfair and overly damaging publicity. Regardless of the validity of the publicity, hurt feelings, or prior interactions, Carolina Farmhouse and its owners see the ability to produce quality custom furniture as the best and most promising way to address the needs of its customers past and present. Whether customers are due refunds or furniture items, custom furniture builds are the best source of revenue to meet the needs of the those that Carolina Farmhouse owes obligations to.

This name change is significant as it marks the end of the larger business presence Carolina Farmhouse once embodied, and the beginning of a new intentional direction in which Sam Utt-Grubb works alone as an individual artist as well as lends his craftsmanship to remote work on special projects. Specifically, Carolina Farmhouse once had visions of a larger workshop style venture with many craftsmen, employees, and lines of furniture. It has taken some time for everyone with Carolina
Farmhouse to internalize that that vision just is not meant to be for the foreseeable future. With the name change to Cecil Mack, Carolina Farmhouse is trying to refocus the brand and advertising of the work that Sam does. Refocusing the brand (i.e. the name) on the custom/artisanal nature of the furniture and the business, we hope, will lead to less confusion about "ready made pieces," the production shop, and the scale of the endeavor.

Carolina Farmhouse has not “declared bankruptcy,” “gone out of business,” or “disappeared.” Carolina Farmhouse is not trying to "run away" from its obligations to past and present customers. In fact, given the recent trend of order cancellations before the Carolina Farmhouse has had the time to produce the pieces (and before the expiration of the delivery date), Carolina Farmhouse is trying to protect the revenue stream that is the best chance for customers to receive their full refund. And, by no means is the name change a “magic bullet” to escape bad publicity. For example, due in large part to the negative publicity online, orders have dropped by nearly two-thirds over the last few months.

While we are sure that that was precisely the intention of many who have been posting online, contacting others, and registering complaints, it has also contributed to (and continues to
contribute to) delays in refunds. Further, we do not wish to argue right now whether those complaints, etc. were warranted or whether Carolina Farmhouse “brought this on themselves.” Our primary concern is to address the needs and demands of our customers. And future custom furniture orders are a big part of Carolina Farmhouse’s ability to do that.

We do not suggest, in any way, that everyone should "make nice" or "go tell your friends to order from Carolina Farmhouse - so you can get your refund," but we do want to make everyone aware of the adverse impact that ongoing scrutiny and complaints have. And sometimes a side effect of that is to delay refunds to people who deserve them because the cash flow is simply not there.

Please understand that, for Carolina Farmhouse, the issue is not one of willingness to pay refunds, or
understanding that refunds are due in many cases, it's simply an issue of cash-flow, assets, and ability. All of which Carolina Farmhouse, Cecil Mack, Sam, Kelly, and I are working hard to address as soon as we possibly can.

John Szymankiewicz Esq for Carolina Farmhouse

I have continued to receive emails from individuals that are greatly concerned of the name change and that Carolina Farmhouse now Cecil Mack Co. is trying to hide under a new name.  I can only go based on the information provided by the attorney. 

I know for a fact that Better Business Bureau has updated their site to show the alternate business name. 

There are also concerns with the refund process that many customers have emailed me about.  The way I understand it basically in order to receive your refund Cecil Mack Company must generate more orders.  Once a new order is in and paid for, then we get our refund. 

Not one single customer that has been in touch with me is happy with the response from the attorney and Carolina Farmhouse/Cecil Mack Co.  There were/are some major concerns raised that I won't go into here...

I think for most and for myself my question is... Where did our money go the first time?  I, like many, were told that our money was used to purchase materials to build our furniture.  My furniture was never started so.... 

Based on the name change information given by the attorney and reviewed by Carolina Farmhouse/Cecil Mack Co, it is because of the negative reviews/complaints/blasts, etc that the refunds are coming in at slower pace due to orders have dropped by nearly two-thirds over the past few months. 

One customer asked "how is it that they feel that they have received unfair and damaging publicity?"  Good question.  Stated above..this is why they changed their name was to work on separating themselves from that "unfair publicity".  The customer went on to say "isn't that trying to hide under a new name?".  I don't know the answers and I believe this was just a way for the customer to work out the frustration within themselves.  Is it unfair publicity?  I will let you make your own conclusion.  

We (customers) are not sitting here arguing "if they brought it on themselves"...it goes without having to say anything more. And, while I think all of us customers fully understand that posting online, contacting others, and filing registered complaints can and did have a negative impact on the business of Carolina Farmhouse and resulted in the name change to Cecil Mack Co., and maybe it was the intention of some to create the business to "slow down", it is a right to give our reviews based on what happened to us, just like someone that had a positive review can give a thumbs up. At some point you have to be held accountable for your actions....it's all about the choices we make in life.  

As I felt that we were alone when I first realized that something was up, I believe many others have felt that way as well...some have even said as much.  Even though the situation sucks, it is somewhat comforting to know you are not alone.  I am not some troll hiding or sitting behind a computer trying to stir up trouble or call people out for no reason.  So I am NOT sorry that I spoke up, and at the end of the day I feel much better when I lay my head down at night knowing that I did the right thing. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend... It's beautiful here :)


  1. Sooo... have people been successful in getting refunds? We were really nice and understanding about several delays. Now we don't have our item and we are out over $1K that we simply do not have. We elected for a refund but they have not responded. Were you able to get your refund? Is action the only way to get it? Thank you for your advice and for posting the info.

    1. Man-D... Thank you for stopping by. We have not received our refund yet. Have you contacted their attorney to be put on the refund list? I am surprised that Sam didn't at least give you the attorney info... I would contact their attorney ASAP to see if you are on the list and if not to be added.

      The attorney info -
      Tel: 919-792-8740
      fax: 919-890-0694
      410 N. Boylan Ave
      Raleigh NC 27603



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