Ballet career?

I think I got my first taste of what could very well be our future.  Ballet!  Don't get me wrong..I loved every single exhausting minute of it.

My girls are 3 and 5 so this is all just a big ole possible glimpse.  I very well could be writing this same blog in a year from now about soccer :)

Nevertheless it was a glimpse that this mommy had her eyes opened!

We had Katie's dress rehearsal on Wednesday from 4 pm - 7 pm which we had to be there the entire time.  She did such a great job on stage (I was a bit nervous..she's a shy girl).  As a treat mommy took her out for a slice of pizza and a root beer :)

We then had Shea's dress rehearsal on Friday from 4 pm - 7 pm, but this time once she was done we could leave.  But, all of her other cousins were there so what kind of Aunt would I be if I left :)   We stayed for a little while to watch.

I didn't get any pictures while she was on stage because I was busy taking video :(

Saturday we were up early.  Shea was to be back at 10:45 am and on stage at 11:30.

Flowers from Nanny!

The kids ballet teacher's mom read them a story while we were was super cute!
Shea did such an awesome job on stage!  The above video is from rehearsal but it was basically the same.  The little ones truly gave the audience a show.  Saturday they didn't even act like there was anyone but them was great!  Ms. Rhonda took this group and taught them well.

We ran to lunch and had to be back with Katie by 1:45 for her show to start at 2:30.

How adorable are these girls!!
These girls did an outstanding job...this mom cried!  Yup ballet made me cry.  This group really grew over the last 8 or 9 months.  I am so very proud of each and everyone of them.  They showed up and rocked it.  I give lots of credit to Ms. Stephanie...she really did a great job with them.

A big thank you to Step-by-Step, Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Stephanie!  It was truly a great year and I am looking forward to many more years ahead.

Katie loves and when I say love...she LOVES with a big puffy heart loves dance.  I've been taking her to theater since she was 3.  And, even at 3 she has been mesmerized by music, acting and dancing.

She begged me to take her back for the 5:30 show to watch the big girls dance.  What is a mom to do?  Say no?  I couldn't do that...she just loves it so much.  I am glad I did.  It is a special time to spend with her while daddy & Shea went on home.

Needless to say by 9 pm I was beyond tired.  I saw my girl smile, clap and eyes that beamed as each act came out onto the stage.  That was my glimpse into what the future possibly holds for us.  And, in all honesty if it is...well then this mom is totally on board!  I will do whatever it takes to see that if this is a passion for either of my girls, I will see it through on sleep or no sleep.



  1. So adorable! I cry at every performance by my kids (even some that aren't my kids!) lol!! I remember those days of dance recitals!! They are precious! It goes by way too fast!!

    1. I hear was hard not to cry a little. It was just so darn cute :)


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