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I know I've said it before.  This blog was started for me to document our journey and so as hard as it was to go through the daily living from the fire, there are still things that we are going through and therefore will continue to write about.  I will always have furniture, DIY and projects that I will feature here as well, and I am hoping that soon I will be able to turn this into a blog full of those features.

Yesterday was a tough day for me.  I guess when you realize you’ve been screwed over & certain things are confirmed it stings a bit. 

I feel better today and I am not as angry.  I feel a little deflated, but I believe that is normal.  We aren’t the only ones & as much as I hate that anyone is going through is a little comforting to know that I have company sitting on this couch with me and it’s not a pity party for one J 

I also know that if I want something done I need to stay on top of things with the Attorney General’s office, and the other outlets, and then take whatever next steps there are to take. We originally worked hard for that money and I won't go down without a fight...I've had enough taken from me recently so I take offense to it being taken.

I’ve had some very kind words & advice given and I truly appreciate each & every single one of them.  With that being said, I will continue to provide updates and if you don’t feel like you want to read them I understand.  But, I’ve had a ton of people email & ask to keep updating.  I am doing this only to get the word out.  There is a lot of us that have lost a significant amount of money to Carolina Farmhouse.  And, while I know that my husband & I have worked hard to have what we have I think it is my right to fight back for our hard earned money. 

The information that was passed along to us from a local includes such things as Carolina Farmhouse people (owners, etc) going on multiple vacations over the last year, new vehicles, and such.  Now I have no qualms with vacations, but when you have blasted us with “we have had a growth spurt and we’ve had a production delay causes by so many orders” and knowing that my furniture hasn’t been started, and the the fact that you say you can’t refund us our money…this then creates an issue for me.  Multiple people at multiple times have been told by Carolina Farmhouse that they have spent long hard hours working and sacrificing spending time with their children in order to get orders completed. 

Once the Attorney General’s office contacted them & explained the FTC mail/telephone order law, they then changed their website to show a 6-8 month lead time.  That’s a long time to wait.  But, I am glad they did, that at least gives any new customers a more accurate time..

We had ordered the table listed here on Craigslist by Carolina Farmhouse as our Farmhouse Family program back in October.  Seeing this made me want to cry!  Our table hasn’t been built or started, yet they are advertising the exact table in April for sale.  Why not just offer this one to us.  For crying outloud…it was a free table you were giving us…we would have been happy!

I have moved on with the island in our kitchen.  I found a great fit as I’ve previously wrote in my blogs about.  I truly feel karma was on my side.  It is exactly what we were looking for, it is something I was able to refinish & the price was unbeatable.  I got such a great deal that man it made me feel excellent!!

I have started the hunt for the dining table and I have found several, but I think today I found a winner.  I spoke the gentleman and geez you just can’t find nicer people.  He’s fairly close so we can actually go pick it up when he has it finished.  And….the best part is  the lead time… THREE WEEKS not 6 months! He uses reclaimed wood & that is exactly what we want.  Go green!  Three weeks guys…seriously this just made my heart swell!  o based off his website & photos…his furniture is truly a work of art.  I am hoping to get to move forward as soon as possible…my husband is tad hesitant with all the mess going on with Carolina Farmhouse…and the fact that who knows how long it will take to recover our money!

I have to continue to remind myself that it is going to all work out…maybe not in my timeframe, but eventually as my daddy always says – the truth always prevails.  I believe that good things come to good people.  I have to be patient & just continue to hold onto my faith & beliefs.  I just big problems with someone taking from others and lying. 

I do have some projects that I’ve been working on to show…this mess has just taken up some precious time. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend… We have lots going on around here this weekend.

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