Bedroom with curtain pictures & a little side table makeover... And a birthday celebration.

Good Monday morning...  I posted yesterday about our sliding pantry door.  I will be running a giveaway tomorrow in regards to that sliding door.  Please keep in mind that the official contest does not start until tomorrow, Tuesday, Apr 23.  I have it scheduled to post at 12 pm EST.  I have hidden any comments left on Facebook & have not published any comments to that blog posts with the color guesses of a few people. Don't want to give their guesses away :)  Good luck to all & I can't wait to see the color that everyone guesses!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  We had a very busy weekend.

We celebrated this babies 3rd birthday -

Everyone came over on Saturday for a pizza party and stayed late to play some cards...oh yes we are a poker playing family :)

It was also my daddy's birthday! How special that my baby & my dad share their day :)  The birthday kids!!

Me & my daddy

I finally finished up our curtains, the headboard & my little side table.  I am good with it for now:) until I decide to change it around.

I made that headboard last week.  I will show you more on this later.  

I purchased this little table at a local yard sale for $7.50.  I have before pictures somewhere but can't find them.  It was a cherry red color, and the little knob is the same.  I like the glass knob so much I left it.  I painted it Annie Sloan country grey & stenciled the bird in La Craie Mardi Gras and finished it with the Maison Blanche dark wax.  
UPDATE: I found the before picture.

That was my glider from both of my is super comfortable.  I like to sit & read or blog from this chair while looking out my big windows.  I needed a little table to sit things on & therefore this little lady ended up here in this very spot.

And, you get a little sneak peak at our master bath.



  1. Aw, happy birthday to your little girl and your dad! How fun that they share birthdays. And LOVE that headboard.

    1. Thank you Rachel. It was a special day. The top of the headboard was an old window & I just loved the character it has.

  2. Oh how cute! I love all your fun colorful decor. Great curtain panels!

    1. Thank you Debbie. You know what inspired me to do all the fun colorful décor... La Craie Colette. Gotta love that color!


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