Projects one handed

Since my surgery I have not been able to really use my hand.  I went to have the soft cast removed & was told the wound was much worse than we thought.  I completely severed the tendon & put a nice gash in the bone.  I went to PT & am in a contraption that looks like my thumb is Hannibal Lector :(  

Needless to say this post is taking forever...I am typing ONE handed.  I am not to be typing, cleaning, painting, carrying a grocery bag or doing anything's so very hard!!  I was told I can walk around like a mannequin.  BOOOOO!

I can't just sit & do nothing...  So I picked up these cute little tables to put in our living room, but really wanted to add color to them so painted one handed...I did it.

I really liked the legs on them.  

The color is barn red.  I lightly sanded and then I used spanish copper rub'n'buff.  I will bring you more pictures once I get them in place.

I also bought these cute little urns but didn't like the flowers so I put plants in them.

I am dying to get my finger back because I have a basement full of furniture to work on.

I miss all of you...

Much love, peace & happiness!!!

~ Lynn

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