Productive Day

A very Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  This is one of my favorite days..  My favorite color is green, I love corned beef & cabbage, Irish music, and Guinness is one of my all time favorite beers.

We celebrated last night at Annarellas on the Green.  We had a great time and stayed way past the girls bedtime.

Today was a productive day for us.  My father-in-law started the stonework on our fireplace.  It looks amazing.  He really does great work.

Our mantel will/should be here on exciting.

Look what I got in the mail Saturday!!!  This is a sweet package from Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage.  Do you happen to know what is in it?  It is the scrumptious color Colette.

I love when I get these packages...not only because I really love the paint but there is always a sweet personal handwritten note from Shannon.

Of course I just couldn't wait to get my hands in it. So I have a very special piece to show you... sneak peek only though.

The color in the photo is a little off as the lighting got bad.  It is really beautiful & can't wait to finish it up and show you the final product. 

Hope everyone had a safe & happy weekend.

Much love, peace & happiness!


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  1. Sneak peek! Oh you teaser you. How exciting to have the stone work going up on the mantel. Aren't we lucky to have handy men around who know how to do that sort of thing? Can't wait for the double reveal! Make sure and let me know. This blogger to WP switch is consuming me. lol


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