Shopping & love

Oh we are getting so very close.  My house is full of packed up boxes.

Last night I made smothered pork cutlets. I breaded the thin sliced pork cutlets & pan fried them in a little olive oil.  I set them aside.  There was just a tiny bit of oil with the crusty bits from the breading.  I added butter a tiny bit of the flour and mixed it up.  I threw in sliced onions & mushrooms.  Once they were coated & cooked a bit, I added a little more butter, flour, light cream, white wine & a little chicken stock.  Once it becomes a nice gravy I put the fried cutlets in the gravy & turned down to low.  I let them hang out for about 15 minutes.  Oh my goodness they were to die for!! My in-laws came over to eat with us & everyone just devoured them.  I will definitely be making this little gem again.

Tuesday I spent the day furniture shopping.  We need a new couch for both living room & common area upstairs.  We wanted leather so that they'd be easy  to wipe down with the girls.  I went to a local furniture store that also has a clearance center across the street.  Normally you are getting floor samples.  I was able to get 2 couches for the price of 1.  And, the best part....they are brand new coming right from the warehouse.  Another thing I loved about this particular couch is the cushions have a zipper & you can add or take away the foam or batting material to make it more firm or softer.  I like that!!

Check out  the railings on the deck!  It is almost completely finished.... I can't wait for spring to show pictures of the back of the house.

We really wanted the cable so that we don't lose the view when sitting out on the deck or at the dining room table.

I can't believe tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I am not big into celebrating because I like to show my love everyday.  Plus I am not a big sweets person..not much into chocolate or candy.  I do like to decorate for it when I am not knee deep in packing. But, I don't need a dedicated day to proclaim my love, but I do enjoy certain things about chocolate covered strawberries :)

Cupid stopped by our house while I had Shea at ballet.  He's the best because he knows how much I love them & oh man they were (yes were) yummy!!

I made heart shaped cookies for Katie's school party tomorrow...
She was a very happy girl to see mommy making these guys.

I do hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day!!!
With much love, peace & happines
~ The Ferns

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family Lynn :) Wishing you all the best!


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