The life...

Of a 4 year old that just had her tonsils removed - ICE POPS, ICE POPS and more ICE POPS...with an occasional bowl of ice cream.

Katie has become my hero.  She has come through this far better than I could've expected or even asked for.  I honestly can't believe she's had surgery & on a part of her body that when sore makes other parts hurt.

We got up Wednesday morning & headed into the hospital...just me & my girrl..oh and Root Beer of course.  Daddy stayed home with Shea.  I had tried my hardest/best to prepare her.  I explained that no food or drinks...we were a trooper.  Mommy only had a cup of coffee & I held off to eat so it wouldn't be in her face.

We sat in our room (well our bay) until it was time to go.  Everyone that is having surgery is located in the same area.  Katie & Root Beer immediately won over every nurse, doctor & transporter.  She was as pleasant to be around as a fresh slice of warm apple pie.  We chatted, watched cartoons & played on the tablet...

We were called about 2 hours of being there.  The staff was truly amazing.  They explained everything to her & even let her bring Root Beer with her.  Her doctor...well not much I can say that would do him justice.  He is just one of the nicest people to be around.

The girl laid on the OR bed, fell right asleep & within 35 minutes the doctor came out to speak with me. I knew she was feeling a little bad that morning (we had a rough night going into it).  I thought it was a little cold, but I was so very wrong.  She had tonsillitis once again. glad those bad boys are gone.

The nurses came to get me about 10 minutes later (longest 10 minutes of my life).  She was a little groggy...

She didn't want to open her mouth...

But they said she never once cried or even so much as whimpered.  Proud mom!!   We spent about 2 hours in her room before we were released. The only issue was the girl inherited mom's post-op issues - I always throw up from the medicine & I always itch like a loon coming off the medicine.  Both times after having the girls they had to give me anti-itch medicine :(  After the 4th time she threw up they gave her a dose of like a charm.  5 minutes later and she was downing orange ice & within 15 minutes we were on our way out...her walking of course.  She wanted nothing to do with the wheel chair :)  I think she did awesome and she truly has been such a big girl through the whole thing!!

The only issue has been a little fever so far.  She only cried once at 4 am in the morning when she woke after the pain medicine wore off & she didn't understand why it hurt to swallow.  Once she had the pain medicine she was back out like a light.

We haven't had great sleep & now Shea has an ear & sinus no one except Katie got good sleep last night. But tonight I feel it...I need it.

I have lots of pictures of the house coming soon...  Exciting stuff!!

Much love, peace & happiness!
~ The Ferns

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