Christmas Eve, Christmas & New Years

A very Happy New Years!!!  My hope is everyone enjoyed their night & made it home safe & sound!

I am playing catch up!  It just got a little crazy around here the last week.  Christmas we got up & hung out with the girls.  Daddy had a few errands to run so mommy & the girls did manicures & pedicures at home after watching a little morning cartoons. 

We then got ready & headed over to Nanny & Grandpas for dinner & present opening.  As always a good time had by all.

This year as previously posted we did Secret Santa.  It was fun & with this family gambling (lotto) & booze (wine/beer) was almost a guaranteed gift.

Hmm what do I want or what to steal?? 
The King! 

I made reindeer beer and put in a bushel basket with Bad Elf beer.  I forgot to take a picture but it turned out cute.  The best was I found mini Coors Light beer in an 6 pack.  I wrapped in a box & put a note that said "Wha??? Times are tough enjoy the mini beer..   J/K look in the cool brown bag that says "NOT FOR SECRET SANTA".  

The girls got lots of great gifts...all of these kids are spoiled!

We came home & prepared for Christmas day. 

The girls didn't get up until almost 8:30.  Katie was the first out.  She walked around in half sleep stupor for a few minutes. 

My new apron...guess this is a hint to get in the kitchen :)

They loved opening all their gifts & then we just played the rest of the day.  Mimi, Papa, Nanny & Grandpa all came over for dinner.  I made lasagna, meatballs & sauce.  Uncle Dave brought us a chocolate mousse that we enjoyed for dessert.

We played cards while the food was cooking, after we ate & before dessert & after dessert.  It was a Christmas that was fun & relaxing. 

My mom, dad, Kacey, my nephew (Jackson), his wife (Teri) & myself headed out on Thursday for 2 nights in Atlantic City.  We stayed at the Taj Mahal.  I think next time we will stay somewhere different.  The rooms were nice & we had a great view. 

The staff were all very nice.  But, everywhere outside of our room it was extremely smokey (we stayed on a non smoking floor).  I know it's in all casinos but I've been to a few & this was over the top.  I did well playing 3 card poker & Texas Hold'em.  Kacey, Teri & Jackson played in hold'em tournaments. Kacey did good, but Jackson kicked it!!  He ended up splitting a pot at The Borgata on Friday night.  And, by getting there he knocked out Montel Williams!! Awesome...  We all had fun.  We drove home in the snow storm on took us 5 hours when it should only take 2 1/2 hours.  I missed my girls!! 

New Years Eve was low key.  My brother in law's birthday is 12/31 so we celebrated at their house. We came home before midnight.  I don't like to be out driving with the girls on New Years Eve...worries me a little.  The girls had a blast though.  The house was full of kids from age 15 down to 7 months!!  Just did the count & there were 22 kids there...adults were outnumbered!!

2013....We welcome you!!

2012 was a challenging year for us.  My mom had health issues, we suffered a major devastation, and then mom had a heart attack a week to the day after.  On a great note my parents moved up closer to us.  It is awesome to have them near us & the girls.  We had lots of ups & downs.  I say 2013 is our year! 

Our family wishes you a Happy New Year!!

We are off to go SLEIGH RIDING :) 
Much love, peace & happiness!

~The Ferns

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