Gosh you guys have made me feel unbelievable awesome!!  Thank you all so much for the sweet comments, follows via my blog & facebook follows.  It really means more to me than you will ever know.  I enjoy reading blogs, getting inspiration which comes from you guys, and learning about new products or ways of doing things.  So a really BIG THANK YOU!!! 

I am super new to this whole blog writing thing.  I started the blog to journal our journey of the fire & the rebuilding process so that one day my girls would see how fortunate we are and how we came through so much stronger as a family... We united.  Sometimes things happen in our lives that we have no idea why.  I am the type that I dive in the middle of things, plant my feet with my heels dug deep in & I don't let go until it is complete.  I have taken on the challenge to rebuild and put some different touches in our home.  What I have learned & wouldn't have if we hadn't had the fire was I can design, create & decorate...see it lit something under me :)  Pun intended!!

I have traveled many days (mostly on my own) to salvage stores, thrift stores, antique shops, tag/estate sales & auctions.  I have found some pretty amazing deals. 

What I realized as I showed off the big white armoire was...this is a big part of our rebuilding process. are a few pieces that I need to refinish that I've picked up recently.  Some things will be in our home, but some things I will refinish & sale.

Side Table

The detail on the table is beautiful hand carved

This is the table that is part of the side table.  The table top isn't attached to the legs

And the chair (6 chairs)

Lighting was horrible but this is the hutch that goes with the set
All of the pieces are a set.  We purchased the table, chairs, hutch and side table as a set.  I will be refinishing them.  This set I got at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Mom & I are headed off to an auction tonight.  Last time we didn't get home until 1:00 a.m and we were loaded to the top and more.

Hopefully I will have lots of pictures to bring back to you of more great pieces!!

I'd eventually like to do a get to know me post.  Would you be interested?  If so, what would you like to know about me?

With much love, peace & happiness

~ The Ferns


  1. Can you give us the steps to refinishing furniture. I have a nasty, cheap dresser I want to paint, I just dont know where to start!!!

  2. These look like some really fun pieces! I'm sure you'll work your magic on them :)


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