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I've had a hard time focusing the last couple of days..  Let's get real - I think most everyone has had a hard time.  A very tragic event has struck our country and left us all saying WHY?  I think like many, I held my kids tight & hugged them for no reason (I do that often anyway but more lately).  My stomach was in knots this morning as I dropped Katie at school.  Lots of tears have been shed.  Each time I've seen the pictures, names & stories my heart sinks.  It hurts!

There have been many debates & strong opinions floating around.  I am keeping mine to myself for the time.

I am & have been sad since Friday morning.  Thinking of each live that was lost & the family, friends, loved ones, etc that it is directly impacting right now.  My mind can't wrap itself around it...I don't understand.  So I engulfed myself this weekend with other things.  I left the TV off, didn't read the news...I just couldn't anymore.  My mind & heart are with those, but I just was mentally drained from it.

I read this story on one of the blogs I follow about her story of mental illness.  Read if you'd like, it's definitely enlightening.  http://www.myshineproject.com/2012/12/for-leslie-my-only-experience-with.html

I hung out with my girls on Saturday & then took my Katie to watch her cousins in the Nutcracker.  She sat for the entire 2 hours & barely moved.  She was in complete awe...she clapped & smiled when the Sugar Plum Fairy was lifted high in the air.  She told me on the way home that she wants to be the Sugar Plum Fairy one day.  We left the girls to a sleepover with Nanny & Grandpa after to meet our dear friends 40th birthday dinner.  We went to Farm to Table Bistro & I will say I was super impressed.  The service was outstanding & the food was exceptional.  When we got home & I looked down the hall to their empty room...I missed my girls.  I wanted to hold them.

Sunday I got up & had some work to do.  I needed to go finish up on painting.  I gathered my things, stopped to grab a breakfast wrap & cup of coffee and away to the house I went.

My sink is in and I love it.  The stair rails are up (forgot to take a picture - boo!) & the granite template has been done.  They started on the sub floor for the bathroom tile.

I can't believe next week is Christmas.  My shopping is done but wrapping is not...I really don't like to wrap...AT ALL.

I will have more pictures tomorrow but will not be posting until Wednesday.  I will be following the blog day of silence.

Much love, peace & happiness to all.

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