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It is official... Katie will be having her tonsils & adenoids removed.  We could do it next week, but if anything should happen then she'd be miserable for Christmas.  I don't feel that is fair to her.  So we opted for the 2nd week of January.  Ugh I am little nervous but totally know it's for the best.  We ended up in the ER back in March because we couldn't get her fever to break & she threw up all night because we couldn't get it down.  So no medicine we were giving her was staying down.  Cold compress, cool baths...nothing broke it below 103 & at one point we were sitting close to 105..I packed her up & we went to the ER.  She was so dehydrated & just miserable.  Her white blood count  was really high.  They put her on an IV (which she didn't even squawk at), we got her hydrated, tylenol down her & camped out for a few hours.  And, all of this because of tonsillitis.  She was a great sport, but I don't want to do that again. Once again in late October we were facing the same problem, but this time I was able to get things under control, but not before she threw up all over the waiting room at her doctor, and then again at Target while waiting for her medicine.  We had 2 or 3 more episodes in January & February...so once we hit winter we are doomed! Her ENT agreed that having anywhere from 4 - 5 cases of tonsillitis in a year (she is basically having it once a month in winter) is just too much for one & especially one that always spikes high fevers.  

We met her daddy & Shea for lunch after.  Daddy had the pleasure of taking Zuzu to ballet class...he was so delighted with this task today :)  

But...check it out.  The garage stone is complete and we think it looks sharp!!  The bathroom tile was delivered today.  

And, the kitchen cabinets arrived and was started to be installed :)  

It's hard to see the detail but it's a distressed look in vintage linen.  I will get better pictures when we have lights up & with my camera not my phone

Pam if you are reading.... See this blue door?  It is for the pantry right behind it...and right above is where (wanna know her name?) NELLIE will reside.  Katie picked Nellie for her & I think it fits :)

The doorway will have an arch built into it.

I painted the girls faces today...oh just because.  Katie missed getting her face painted when she went to see Santa.  Being the good mommy I am I painted it myself.  It's ok..more practice & it'll become much better.  I free handed it & with 2 littles that move around so much, well let's say not an easy task.  Bad phone pics...but they wouldn't stand still....
I love this picture...

But then this one...Zuzu's face...priceless

And, then this one...so innocent!
Much love, peace & happiness!!

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