OH give me a paint brush...

And chances are I will go to town.  I got my paint on this weekend.

As my Facebook status said...Give a girl a paint brush, a monster drink, an iPod full of music (mostly Christmas), and 9 hours...it will get a mostly painted interior house.  I will not lie...I was exhausted & my body hurt.  But, I just love it.  I love taking a paint brush in hand and watch the walls come alive.  Going from stark white to a nice rich color change.

With each paint stroke I could see the transformation taking place.  I am loving every color I picked out.   Tomorrow I will go in & finish the last 2 rooms of the 8 rooms I painted plus the living room, dining room & kitchen is complete.  Not sure if you count them as 3 rooms in 1.

Our carpenter was there on Saturday starting to work on the trim.  Hence why I wanted to start on the paint...before he put it up so I won't have to do as much cutting in.  I felt bad that I was rocking out to some heavy duty Christmas tunes...lucky he's a nice guy & just went with it.

Upstairs bathroom (girls bathroom). Color is Sierra Ridge

Common Area (and our bathroom are the same color).  Color - Shabby Chic

Our room.  Color - Mushroom Bisque

Girls room. Dormers will have ballet shoes painted on them. Color - Lily Lavender

I am loving how the kitchen is turning out.  Well to be honest..I am loving how the entire house is turning out.  I think when all said & done it will be obvious that lots of thought, love & hard work has gone into this beauty.

Kitchen.  Color is Basketry. 

On Saturday night as I laid down to go to sleep, anxiety flooded over me.  It made me nervous..my heart sank & I just lay there worried.  I got up Sunday early to go get more painting completed.  Again exhausted I laid down to go to sleep.  Anxiety...big time.  I realize that I am starting to put my own hands to work on this house, it has sucked me back in....I am very emotionally in love with our home. I am scared that I am going to drive up & it's going to be gone again.  I am guessing this is normal.

The front of the house has been finished with the stone.  It looks real purrrtty..

I just purchased the outside lights... Here is the stock photo.  I think they will look nice.

And, two of these for our downstairs bath with the vintage crane pedestal sink.

Ahh the finishing touches.

Much love, peace & happiness!


  1. Oh, Oh, OH! It's looking pretty. The colors are beautiful and the lilac is so girl ;)

    The light fixtures are fabulous. I love them both very much. The vintage "zinc" one is to die for!!!

  2. Thank you Shannon!! It feels cozy to me. I know isn't that light fixture so cool.

    Katie picked out the room color with Shea giving the ok. I think when we paint the ballerina & ballet shoes on the walls it is going to be so adorable :)


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