Today as I drove over to the new house my mind had wondered off to the recent events in Newtown, CT.  I've turned off my TV because I just don't want to see it, hear about it, etc anymore.  I will never forget the tragedy that struck, but I have heard enough.  It just really hurts to keep seeing it so much.

On my Facebook feed this morning a person that I've always respected as a photographer in the media posted something I was feeling.  He shared this -

And, then he respectively asked to please let the parents & people grieve in private!  Well said Eric!

Shea & I were in the car and she asked me "Mommy are you happy?"  I said "yes, are you?".  She perked right up & said yes.  I asked her what makes her happy and without hesitation she said sissy (these two have a strong bond that I hope stays strong)!  Oh my heart just melted.

Later as I was baking goodies for the teachers & the men that have been working at the house the song For the Sake of Our Brother by the Trans Siberian Orchestra was playing.  These lyrics -

In a Stable
In a Manager
In the cold winter's air
In the arms of his mother
A child's lying there

My heart stopped!  I thought of mine & Shea's earlier conversation and then these lyrics.  Last Friday a mom and/or dad will no longer have their child in their arms to hold.  Or a brother or sister can no longer say that their sister or brother make them happy.  I weep for you Newtown in so many ways. 


Onward &'s hard to do when seeing so many suffer, but we Ferns have so very much to be thankful for!! Look at this amazing view at night looking out onto our deck - 

I should've turned off the lights but the guys wouldn't have been happy with me. The river is out there with the lights shining around it.  It is beautiful!

My hardwood floor sample...

5 1/2 inch wide plank...LOVE!!

My oven is installed....oh la la I can't wait to bake in it!!

I made Apple Dumplings for the men at the house, Apple Dumplings & chocolate covered pretzels for the teachers.  I had made mugs that say "A teacher holds a hand, opens a mind & touches a heart" with a fern leaf for each of the girls teachers.  I put the pretzels in a cute snowman box & wrapped up for them.  I think it all came out super cute.  The top of the dumplings I made instructions for heating with our Christmas card on the bottom.  ***Disclaimer*** If you haven't tried these dumplings before..YOU must!  They are so good & easy to make!  I had made an extra batch for us.  My hubby was going across to his parents & I scooped 2 out for him to take to his dad....before he made it out of there house his dad was digging in!!!  Could be that I am just an amazing cook :)  You can find the recipe here (and please do not hate me for sharing...they are seriously so very good) -

The beginning!
 And now that I look at this picture and see the mounds of butter sitting should tell you how stinkin yummy they are!!
Fresh out of the oven

And the final product...

So now I am exhausted...headed to bed as I have a full day tomorrow!!

Much love, peace & happiness!!


  1. Oh...I can't get over the sick feeling that has stayed with me all week. It is scary to think that kind of evil is out there. I pray for Newtown, too.

    Your kitchen is coming along beautifully! Aren't you lucky to be building a new home.

    1. I know that feeling has been stuck with me & every single time I hug my girls my heart feels for those parents.

      Thank you we are so lucky & blessed to be building this home. It's been a long road but my husbands Uncle (which is the contractor) is amazing!!

      Have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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