Family & Friends - We are gathering supplies/donations to get to the Rockaways (this is the town in Queens that more than 100 homes have been lost from the fire & more due to flooding). Temps are dropping & there are still so many without power. There is a gentleman in Cornwall that has family in the Rockaways & they are in desperate need. There are several families from Cornwall that will be heading down next weekend. The supplies are - socks, gloves, coats, hats, hand sanitizer, trash bags, water, toiletries, soup with the pop top openers and other non-perishable food. If you feel you'd like to help please let me know. I will be gathering supplies to get to the families. If you live too far away & you want to send money, I will be happy to go shopping to pick up the items needed. I will provide to you a receipt with the items I purchased.  We had an outpouring support & we'd really like to give back!! 

I had a whole other blog that I was going to post yesterday but I felt the devastation post was far more important!!!  So instead I will just summarize…it has been a busy weekend from soccer to fashion shows back to soccer.  Our cousin Sam played in the Semi-Finals on Thursday.  The Cornwall Dragons girls soccer moved on to play Red Hook in the Section 9 Finals.  Go Dragons!!!  Sammy we are so proud of you….she is only a freshman & showing her true athletic ability.  The Dragons WON!!!  They beat Red Hook 2-0!  Great job ladies….
Thursday Semi Finals vs Goshen

Thursday Semi Finals
Nanny & her girls at game..cold night!
#28 - Sammy "Bonz"
Our Sammy!!!

Cornwall Dragons - Section IX Champs

 Saturday my girls along with several other Butterhill Day School kids walked in a fashion show.  My girls are shy, but I was hoping that since they’ve both been in ballet & going to school it would help.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  Katie started out good until she saw all the people…people she didn’t know.  Brakes squealed & that was that.  I went out to walk her around, but even then she was terrified.  She has such a sweet personality & I just felt bad for her.  Shea got a little pep talk from Butterhill’s principle (owner, which we really love) & a high five right before she went out.  She did good & until she became confused as to what she was being asked to do & then that was that.  All the kids did good & was really cute.  I really tried hard to get more pictures....

After the show we headed back to the house to pick daddy up from doing clean-up work.  The windows are all in.  I think I almost cried today…almost.  It just looked amazing!!  The doors will be picked up by our painter to be stained. 

I started working on some of my furniture…finally.  I have a lot of it to do.  I pick up this mirror at a tag sale for $5.  It is one of those super heavy mirrors that I’d hate to have fall on my toes (which it almost did!).  I will be stripping it down & repainting.  This will go in either our bathroom or the girls…not sure yet. 
And, then this sweet little cart.  It had some big cracks so I filled them with wood filler & will redo this piece..just not sure what I want to do with it. Please don't mind the mess in the back...this is in our basement.

Our lives have returned to a place I didn’t think we would be in this quickly.  It is by the love, support & constant uplifting from family & friends.  We have also had a tremendous support team in rebuilding our home.  Our situation has brought new people into our lives that are now friends. I am so very thankful for what we have in life – we are so rich with love, friends, family & support!

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