The day after...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We did!  I got up & made french toast bake…and it was scrumptious. 

Katie crawled up on the couch and watched the Thanksgiving parade.  She couldn't wait for it to start…she talks about seeing it to the end so she can see Santa!

She loves to help cook!

We then went over to my in-laws for turkey dinner.  We always have a feast & this year was no let down.  We sit around talk, eat, watch football, have a few beers, eat, wash, rinse & repeat.  I love turkey & having turkey leftovers is one of my all-time favs.  I think that is one of those quirky things my husband & I have in common…we both have baked turkeys in mid-July because we love them so much.

The girls with Nanny & Grandpa

Yummy Turkey!!

Ahhh before lunch is served....

Our contractor emailed us Wednesday night to let us know that the tapers would be there working Thursday to leave the heat on.  What the what???   Oh we now have heat – YIPEE!!  But, I just felt so awful when he said they’d be there.  I have always had this strange thing about people working on Thanksgiving… I mean I know gas stations & some small markets need to be open, but I don’t know just hard for me to explain.  I've just always put family time & Thanksgiving together…just how I was raised I suppose.

That long beam is going to be distressed & made to look 100 years old (so I hope) & that grey post will be trimmed out as well.  
Dining Room to the left, kitchen to the right with walk-in pantry

Looking from dining room to the front door & upstairs 

Looking from dining room to living space & into the guest room (blue wall is guest bath)

Upstairs Common Area

Laundry off the girls bathroom (common area to the right)

Looking Downstairs

Looking Upstairs

The back is being prepped for stone & deck to start on Monday

Basement (in that right corner a room will be built all for me & my furniture)

Looking from the farside of the basement (aka - Kacey's office :) )

That there will be my craft room :)

Now you are able to see the 3 different floors.

I tried taking a couple of pictures of the girls for Christmas cards & Shea for some reason was into making funny faces….she’s our little comedian!

Kacey & I went out this morning to Tractor Supply to look at wood burning stoves for the basement with no luck.  The newer ones seem to have a smaller opening so you can't fit large logs in.  His dad has one that they used in their basement for years.  It's in perfect shape but needs to be cleaned up.  I say we go for it.  It's nice & I think it would be perfect!  Plus would save us a few $$.

We did home with 2 outdoor rocking chairs & a bench to match that will go on the new deck.

Katie & I are headed out early tomorrow to go pick up tile for the bathrooms & then back to Cornwall to meet up with my nephew & his family.  They are driving through on their way home from visiting her family.  We will hang out for a little while, have lunch & they will head on home.  Looking forward to seeing them!!

Have a great weekend - with much love, peace & happiness!!

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