I am so very thankful for so many things.  I think the events of this last year have opened my mind & humbled my spirit.  It has made me think about the small things that add up to make a big thing important. 

  • We’ve gone through some heavy duty trials – many health issues with my mom popped up.  I am very thankful I still have her around along with my dad (he’s been a strong rock for us to lean on).  Even though there are days that seem more than I can bear, I am more thankful than ever that I have been given the opportunity to care for her. 
  • We’ve pulled together & shown that we might be rocked a little but our footing is too strong for us as a family to be knocked down.  I am ever so thankful that I have a husband that puts up with me, has made me a stronger, smarter & more loving person.
  • We have 2 amazingly smart, witty, beautiful, funny & totally different little girls.  As they keep me on my toes every single day, I am thankful that I have those toes to be kept on J  I love that they challenge me even though some days I want to seriously pull every hair out of my head.  But, then I wouldn’t hear “mommy I love your hair & want it to be long like yours”…so I am thankful I don’t pull it out.
  • We are thankful for our sub-contractors (& of course General Contractor) so this morning Kaitlyn & I delivered 2 boxes of Joe & a dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts to them at the house…to just say hey we know it’s cold, we appreciate what you are doing…so THANK YOU for rebuilding our home!  Katie helped me carry things into the house & all the guys came to get coffee, as they were standing around one of them asked her what she thought.  Her response was “I think I am thankful you all are rebuilding for us”..took my breath away.  He stood silent for a moment & then said “what I really was wondering is what do you think of what your house looks like?”  For her…she was still thinking about the conversation we were just having in the car as to why we were taking the coffee & donuts, but it still made me want to pick her up and hug her!  She’s just too sweet!

Honestly this list could just go on, but then this post would be entirely too long & I am not sure I could type it all!

I took pictures yesterday that show the upstairs with the walls up, but by this afternoon the downstairs would all be done as well.  

Girls Room

2nd room upstairs - front dormer window

Looking into our room from common area

Our room - the bathroom is the room with blue walls

Our Room
Hopefully the taper will be there possibly on Friday if not then on Monday.  That means we will get to start painting soon…  YAY! It seems so real to me seeing the walls up.  My vision for each room went into crazy overdrive yesterday. I need to finalize my tile selections for the bathrooms.  

The girls want horses in their room.  So Aunt Katie has so generously offered to paint a mural on their wall...we are going to do a carousel horses.  I think it will be so adorable!

I love to cook.  And, when I cook I love to make things homemade if possible.  I made a big fajita dinner Sunday night complete with homemade guac, homemade tortillas & homemade salsa – my girls love them & Shea loves spicy food.  

She is so my mini me on personality but looks like her daddy.  Katie is just reverse…looks like me but is her daddy when it comes to her personality! 

On Monday after nap Shea woke up & asked for some chips & salsa with guacamole!  So I sat her up with a bowl & she was in heaven.  She didn’t budge until it was all gone! 

I found this set of china that I am swooning over!  I love them & feel I really really must have them.  It is a 65 piece set that is missing a few of the pieces, but it is at a little local thrift store that all proceeds go to the local hospital.  I might have to accidentally find my way in there on Friday J  

I hope you all have a peaceful & wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Much love, peace & happiness!!


  1. Umm YUM homemade tortillas, salsa & guac! I suck at making tortillas :( They end up square lol.

  2. Sarah - mine used to come out square but they are just gonna get eaten so I didn't mind :)


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