Oh what a beautiful weekend...

Notice the amazing makeover in this place?  Oh isn’t it just lovely…I think it is.  MY new friend Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage did this piece of work & I am in love with it!! Thank you Shannon.. I like coming here now J  If you don’t follow her blog, well you should.  She does some really great makeovers, crafts, and has some neat ideas.  She truly inspires me on so many different levels & she sells some of my favorite paint!!  What’s not to love….head on over to http://www.foxhollowcottage.com/


I sat out Saturday morning bright & early to hit up a couple of tag sales.  I ended up at a couple of antique stores & a consignment store.  I wanted to be back home early so Kacey could go over to the house to work.  I didn’t get home until 1 pm…yikes & oops.  Lucky I have a patient husband that didn’t mind.


I scored a couple of cool things.  My big score was this sweet light fixture. 
It will go above my kitchen sink.  I have a BIG double window & I think it will look AWESOME there!!  I found this really fun shop that I will be going back to often.  It had so many neat little finds.  She had it decked out with all sorts of Christmas decorations in the front & then in the back tons of antiques.  I could have stayed much longer than I did.  And, then I drove down the road into this out of a storybook town.  I parked & found this little antique store, bookstore & an old time bakery. 


I could’ve sat there all day with book in hand, but I had little people waiting for me.  But, just lookit…couldn’t you have just parked it for a bit? 

I did buy a coffee to go, a ginger cookie, and some dinner rolls to go with our roasted chicken, mashed taters, gravy & salad.  They were simply heaven!  I will be going back to this little gem.
Oh I could’ve bought one or two of the pies or some sour crème blueberry bread or pumpkin bread with chocolate chips…  I did come on home to find my sweet littles ready to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree (yes it’s up…see below).
I found this sewing machine at Habitat for Humanity restore last week & I just love it. 

It is hand carved & I probably should’ve been arrested when I bought this..I stole it for an amazing deal.  I am always finding great things there hence my basement full of furniture to redo….oops again.  I don’t mind buying from them because the money helps to build homes.  And, Uncle Dave also volunteers for Builders Blitz each year.     

Speaking of furniture, my poor husband had to move all my finds into the basement from the garage.  Why? My new appliances (minus washer & dryer) & range hood venting system has arrived!  We wanted to store them here until the new house is secure & they won’t be in the way of the sheet rockers.  I was at Home Depot on Thursday to look at a couple of color options for our deck.  As I was walking to the back I happen to be passing the appliance section…AND there they sat in all their glory.  It was my washer & dryer I had picked out, but this time they were on sale. A big sale $550 off total for the TWO!! I couldn’t dial the phone fast enough.  I actually ended up saving over $700 on the set with a discount card I had plus free delivery.  They will be here next Monday.  This will probably be the only time you catch me admitting to loving my laundry appliances (I hate doing laundry with all my heart). I feel like it really is Christmas here with all of these big boxes arriving by the way.   

Ballet for the girls is getting to be a lot of fun.  Both girls are learning their dance for the recital which is not until June. 

 Shea waiting for her sticker :)


The older girls have been working on the productions they do during Christmas (Nutcracker & another production I can’t remember).  My niece Liz has been in the Nutcracker for a couple of years now.  I will be taking Katie this year.   Katie also wants (she may or may not have been begging every single day) to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  Those tickets are not cheap. 

My house has been transformed from Fall to Christmas.  I won’t spoil it all & show it off right now.  It’s not that I don’t love Thanksgiving (& Fall), but I like to just get it decorated, clean up the mess, & enjoy it because it flies by.  The Christmas holiday season brings such joy. 

Not sure that my girls made it out of their PJs yesterday....yikes!  For the record I did get them dressed in new ones for bed.

It’s off to the grocery store…nice & early to beat hopefully the big crowd.

Much love, peace & happiness for this beautiful Sunday.

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