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We (Anna from Annarella’s on the Green and I) had plans to visit the Rockaways to deliver supplies & donations on this last Thursday.  But, a snow storm had other plans for us.  We didn’t get to go and this made us both super sad. We were looking forward to helping out.  Lots of amazing people have been dropping stuff off at Annarella's. 

After this storm there are even more that the victims of Sandy will need.  There are still areas that have not been getting the help they need.  It’s heartbreaking! 

We’ve put together a fundraiser… Join us on November 20 from 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm at Annarella’s on the Green, Cornwall, NY for –
You’re INVITED to a Fiesta Mexican dinner at Annarella’s and a % of your total bill (pre-tax) will be DONATED to the victims of HURRICANE SANDY! 

We are also gathering a list of supplies that will be taken to various locations that are in need:

Shovels, trash bags, toilet paper, diapers, wipes, formula, brooms, hand sanitizer, water, paper towels, batteries, flashlights, cleaning supplies, etc.

 This will be a long road for so many people.  There are so many families that have lost everything.  Take a moment to look around your house…it’s amazing the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years.  So please join us & let us serve you a taco, burrito, taco salad, rice & beans…And, homemade salsa, guacamole, and we can’t forget about the oh so yummy MARGARITAS!  I will be cooking (oh yes this girl can make some Mexican food!) alongside Anna’s chef, and I will also be waiting on tables!  It’s going to be a fun busy day!

Check out the pictures below…See anything different? 

Oh that would be our garage door!!  Isn’t she a beauty?? 

We are prepping the front for the stone.  There will also be stone around the garage and in the back under the deck and along the back wall.  Notice the trim around the windows...oh so sharp looking.
If anyone out there reads my blog that is suffering from Sandy, please know that it does get better.  Even on the days you don't see an end in sight.  Our family & friends stood by us telling us that they would make sure we would build bigger & better!  They were right! 

Remain resilient..stay strong and push forward day by day. Take the moments minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. Life goes quickly and I pray that in a short time you will look back at this as only a memory etched into your life.  You all remain in our thoughts & prayers on a daily basis (if not multiple times a day). 

Today is a special day…. My mom is 70 & my hubby is 40!!  WHOA nelly 2 big birthdays.  Lots to celebrate around these parts.

Have a fantastic Friday..

Much love, peace & happiness to all.

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