Oh lovely day…

It is a lovely day indeed.  My favorite kind of weather – a long sleeve shirt, scarf & a vest with a pair of jeans...yes please.  I can see the different colors in the leaves that make the change to autumn obvious.
This one tree has had these beautiful red leaves for weeks!

This is our dining room - 2 big windows
w/ glass doors leading to our deck.

I promised pictures & I have them…lots of them.  The weather gave us some issues with time constraints but we are still right on our time schedule.  Yesterday we went over electric outlets/switches & light fixture placements.  Folks I am so thankful for my builder because I would miss half the things that I need to order or pick out.  I guess it helps that he is my Uncle!!!  It is so awesome to really be able to do the picking out & making the purchases because it seriously feels like Christmas around here.  I also get to start making my rounds to antique stores & estate sales… I love looking for unique items that will be incorporated into the house. 
Left side back view

Right side back view
Middle back view. Once the ground
dries I will take a full picture of the back.
 Front view

I took the girls to the house last Friday.  They got to run around the first floor & see the things we’ve been working on.  Katie loved it & her eyes lit up when I showed her where things were going.  She’s at that age that things mean something to her….she just gets it.  My first born is growing up.  Her teacher gave her such praise today when I dropped her off.  She is one of two that can fully write her name without assistance.  This is a big thing for kindergarten testing that will be taking place at the end of the year.  Her teacher said she is one of the brightest.  Momma is proud!!
I stopped by the house this morning to take our framers coffee & donuts. Our framer, Andy VanDam, is top notch amazing. It helps that he is friendly and has a sense of humor. He cares so much for what he does and it truly shows in his work and his attitude. We are already planning pig roasts J I love it!!
The rafters are all up & the roof will be done by next Wednesday.  It looks from the back of the house that we are building a mansion. It is big but it appears much bigger since it is built into the ridge.  From the front view it is a normal size Cape Cod. 

Mom is doing much better today.  She has been with me this week so that we could keep an eye on her.  She will go home tonight.  I took her for a drive this morning to get some fresh air.  We went up the mountain & stopped to take a few pictures.  It was such a gorgeous morning & with the leaves starting to change there were lots of picture taking opportunities. 


Much love, peace & happiness to all… 

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.  ~Andre Gide


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