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I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was a busy one.  Friday I was stuck home with my little Katie & her tonsillitis.  It was a good day to be in since it poured all day long.  But, once that fever broke she bounced right back & was raring to go.  Meanwhile my Zuzu at 2 has mastered the art of watching videos & playing the iPad with no assistance. 
Saturday we hung around the house and then went to Nanny & Grandpas for dinner.  My girls will sit for hours in the kitchen & play with play doh while we can enjoy conversation.  Sunday Katie & got up and headed to Jumpin Jakes for her friend Sofia's birthday.  This place is simply amazing.  These kids love running around through all of the bouncy houses, up & down the slides, playing lazer tag...simply burning off a little energy!!

These girls love to play together along with a couple of others that didn't make the picture..they were eating their cake :)

Katie & I came home to pick Shea & daddy up so we could head over to my brother in law & sister in laws house to watch the Giants WIN & the Jets lose!!!  I have spoken of the split Giant/Jets household before.  It was a great day so we had the TV outside, the fire going & chili to eat!  Perfect football Sunday if you ask me.  My girls were exhausted & fell asleep as soon as their sweet heads hit the pillow. 

Today I had the opportunity to be a chaperone for Katie’s class field trip to the farm.  It made my day!! While the teachers were wrapping up the morning before loading up on the bus I was asked to read a story to the class.  The smile that crept across my littles face was priceless.  I could see her heart swell with pride.  I truly enjoyed the day & watching Katie interact with her friends & classmates.  She’s polite & respectful to her teachers.  I’d do it again in a second. 
We loaded up on the bus & set out for Manza Family Farms.  The drive out was picturesque.  I followed the bus since we had the 2 Pre K classes & the 2 kindergarten classes.  We are having one of the best leaf turning years since my move here 10 years ago…I practically broke my neck turning & looking constantly.  Once there we made our way on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.  Each kid picked a pumpkin to bring home.  They made their little way through the hay maze on over to see the farm animals.  There were mini goats, a white turkey, a mini donkey and pigs.  These kids loved the pigs more than any other animal.  It was then off for a sack lunch & back to school.  The weather was lovely and I believe the kids all enjoyed the time.




This could I not join her at the farm today!

I stopped by the house after.  The stairs are in…YAY!!! 

 Looking into the front door.  Nice little entry that has my mind working on so many possibilities like those cool milk cans I bought at the tag sale!!


The plumbing has been started & the electrician was there running wires.  I had to stop by so we could make final decisions on a few light placements.  Our windows will be here Monday & our framers will be putting them in.  Mom & I are headed to look at fireplaces tomorrow.  Then we will hit a couple antique & salvage stores on the way.  I will need to have our tile & hardwood floors picked out this week along with my bathroom vanity choices. 

Lots to do with so little time.  I hope everyone has a great week!

Much love, peace & happiness.



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