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I have always loved reading different blogs. In fact at one point I was obsessed (ok maybe I still am a little). The blogs have changed a bit from what I had originally started following. My obsession started when I was pregnant with Katie.  I was put on bedrest so I found myself on (I had used when planning the wedding) which led me to a few mommy and mommy to be blogs.  There were a few that I followed that consisted of their loss or struggles with fertility.  Some of which I still follow, but my focus needed to shift a bit.  It was making me too sad.  I know that writing helps people & some need a place to just vent or get their story out.  I understand but for me it wasn’t working anymore. 
The blogs I mainly follow now are a little bit of the cooking blogs, some mommy blogs, a ton of DIY & craft blogs and a few fashion blogs.  I fell in love with redoing furniture a long time ago but never put any effort into doing anything about it.  During renovations I found after complaining to everyone that I didn’t think I could paint very well, I found I was handy with a paint brush.  I’ve always been crafty but there was something on the inside that was unleashed.  I found that it relieved my stress & it was “me” time.  After the fire I found I lost interest.  It made me sick to my stomach to even think about having to replace all of art supplies, paints, and the furniture pieces.  There was a spot in our kitchen that was a big bare wall.  It had a nice buffet/side table that I had redone, but we had moved it & then lost it in the fire.  There was a tall cabinet sitting down in the basement that we moved up & put on the wall.  It needed a facelift.  Once I began working on it I realized it felt good.  I lost myself in it & it all became clear I needed to make a choice….either stop being a baby about it & get myself back into it or wallow in my tears and lose the chance to bring some pieces to life.  I choose the first one.  I’ve been enjoying going to thrift stores & tag sales. 
Some of my inspiration comes from the following blogs: - Shabby Creek Cottage is doing a giveaway so try to check the blog out if you can!!
These are just a few.  Some have shops so if you are looking for some cute items venture on over. 
Another blog that I really love is  I love that Ashley is giving inner city youth a chance.  This has been such an inspirational blog for me.  I went to her site that the sell different items which the purchase helps give at risk youth a job and allows them to pay their way through college!!!  They make some really cool jewelry & the t-shirts are fun. .I came across her through Kelle Hampton’s blog .  Kelle’s blog is such an amazing story.  She’s such an inspirational!!
If you have any suggestions on blogs I should check out I’d love to hear from you. 

Happy Tuesday!! And, much love, peace & happiness!!!

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