Onward & upward!

Ice pops for dinner & breakfast….sure why not!!  I have one cranky & miserable toddler on my hands right now.  She is a big mushy bear that wants nothing more than to curl up & snuggle (which I LOVE), and for the moment as I try to type this she is content watching Dora, cuddling her new Winnie the Pooh and laying on the couch...so I will hurry to get this out.  We went to dinner at my sister in law & brother in laws Tuesday evening. We kinda just invited ourselves which I think is what makes our relationship with them that much better. We always have a great time….can’t imagine how often we will all be together once we get moved.  Oh you know the occasional or not so occasional pop ins that cross the line of what some would call a tad over the line (or inappropriate).  But, again that is just the type of relationship we all have…it’s ok.  Their house is literally 2 minutes on the other side of the golf course from us.  The girls (I say that because they have twin girls) all had a great time playing that evening & got along without incident.  Toward the end of the night I noticed Shea was just not herself, she was whiny and would let out cries. She barely touched her dinner and was clingy.  When we were leaving I noticed she felt warm.   I took her temp as soon as we got home & sure enough little one was running 101.6.  UGH!!  Since I wasn’t sure what was going on I made the girls sleep in separate rooms.  Katie didn’t like it one bit & constantly cried out for Shea throughout the night.  Mommy’s instincts were right.  I took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon & she has coxsackie virus.  Double UGH!!!  Evidently it has made its nasty appearance known over the last couple of weeks.  She is one of the last at her daycare to get it.  That might be since she only goes 2 days a week.  None the less we were a wrecked last night.  She went to sleep around 8 pm only to wake at 10:30 pm and stay awake until a quarter to 5 am this morning.  Mommy & Shea are a bit on the tired side this morning.  I foresee a nap very soon in our future!  She has barely eaten or drank much of anything hence the ice pops for dinner & breakfast.

I am pretty amazed how quickly the progress has been on the house to this point.  I drove by yesterday morning to show Katie since she hadn’t seen it since the downstairs had been done.  Her eyes lit up as she saw the first floor on.  On Tuesday we all walked through the first floor & did a lay out of furniture & windows. 
The basement
The first floor (main floor)

In the afternoon on the way to the doctor Shea & I popped by and to my amazement the walls were up.  We love our framer.  Again he is one of the guys that Kacey has known since he was in his teens.  I believe with all of my heart that this house is being given so much from each & everyone these guys working on it.  You can feel the love being poured into it.  Shea has been my trooper.  She gets to go with me on the days she’s not in daycare.  So there are many days of dragging her out of the house and to the house site or to a store.  Lucky for us we have a TV in the car and she’s a TV head so it works.
30 Foot beam going on ceiling in dining room/living room
Lumber delivery prior to walls going up
Looking out from the 1st floor bedroom
standing in the living area looking at the kitchen/pantry
Looking out the front door
Stairs to the basement
When you walk into our front door these 2 spaces will be big windows & sliding glass doors leading to the deck.  This will be an unobstructed view.
Looking in from garage
Back view. There will be another floor going up for bedrooms & common area.
Can't wait to see what it looks like today when I go by.  The construction guys will be there doing water & gas lines.  The gas company is coming to bring tank & lines.  Things have been going smooth, but we have the threat of rain the next couple of days.  I love to get rain, but we need it to hold off for a few days.  People have been asking if we think we would be moving in by Christmas.  I remain with my thoughts of February.  I think Christmas is pushing it.

I just commented on a blog I read/follow (head up Ashley - we are thinking about you).  There was a big letdown over a house situation.  The feelings of being sad & upset I feel is completely ok and normal.  I had many friends & family tell me that we would be moving onto bigger & better things with the house and that my feelings were normal & it was ok to feel those feelings & have those thoughts.  Not that I don’t love my friends & family, I just couldn’t see it at the time.  My eyes are open now.  I believe it took time along with the progress at the building site.  I’ve made it a point to go by often & keep myself very much in the middle of things without being “that” person while the builders are there.  I’ve made sure to meet & have conversations with everyone that has helped put our house back.  I see the bigger & better now and I am loving it!  I had one of those AHA moments on Tuesday.  It was a beautiful day, I was out & about when all of a sudden I said to myself “we are building a house” and it doesn’t make one bit of difference if I wanted to or not…it’s what we are doing.  Funny to be having this as the house is in the middle of being built.  I have a choice here…I can take this opportunity to run with it or I can live with subpar decisions I’ve made because I just never wanted to build a house.  I’ve decided to fall in love with the situation! And, this is where I say to all my family & friends – you were right & I thank you for saying “it’s going to be bigger & better”!  I’ll stand by all of this until I am being pressured for absolute decisions and then I will revert (ok just kidding).  I have happily accepted this challenge!!

Much love, peace & happiness!!


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