Happy Saturday

Fall is peeking its head around the corner so I made a BIG pot of chili.  But, summer is hanging on with a strong force…it 90 yesterday.  I have been itching to wear my newly purchased boots but I will hold off for a while. 

We had one day of rain after the concrete was poured for the footings.  It is a sign of good luck per our builder…I will take it.  The masons were back the day after and they got a big portion of the wall of the foundation back up.  I have been stopping by driving by every day to see the progress.  We sat down with Dave on Wednesday and went over more of the materials which he brought samples for me to take a look through. We have lots to think about in a short time.  I am constantly finding myself indulged in searching around on the internet and playing on Pinterest for inspiration.  It’s somewhat addictive & time consuming. 

Kacey is off to play in his golf league tournament today so the girls & I cleaned house (ok well I did while they had baby wipes wiping down furniture).  It’s raining & we have storms brewing so it’s an inside day.  We’ve had a busy week so I don’t mind that it’s a veg out kind of weekend.  Katie started PreK and ballet/tap this week.  She loved it and her teacher approached me Thursday morning at drop off to let me know she is one of her best students.  Momma is proud and truly looking forward to watching the growth in my lil ladybug this year.  She did so well in ballet & tap.  I was nervous because all of the little girls in her group have been in ballet & tap the last 2 years.  She picked up & followed right along without missing a beat.  She was focused & intent on listening to her teacher.  I tried many times to just go sit but momma bear was a tad protective...I wanted to keep a watchful eye.  She was proud of herself!!  And, she only turned to look at me once but admitted in the car she could see me in the mirror :)  I did forget the brush & the rules are to have the hair pulled back neatly - OOOPS!! Shea has missed her sister being home with her, but she’s also enjoyed having mommy all to herself. 

I recently came across The Shine Project via another blog I follow (Enjoying the Small Things).  If you follow me on Facebook you will see the link I recently shared.  I love what is behind The Shine Project and that they believe in what they are doing.  Be the change you wish to see!!  I have not been asked to advertise nor am I receiving anything from my shout out.  I just love the concept & the inspiration!!  Check it out if you have a moment.  http://www.myshineproject.com/ 

I am off to relax & enjoy the day with a nice cup of tea and the sounds of thunder in the background. Enjoy and love, peace & happiness to all! 

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