Summer..where have you gone?

Summer is starting to wind down.  We’ve noticed the evenings are starting to get cooler.  I embrace fall but this year I’ve felt my Summer was ruined.  Instead of enjoying the pool every nice day/evening/night, going on road trips to the zoo, park, or just getting to play outside I’ve been dealing with the fire, rebuild plans, etc.  I am saddened by that.  We love summer here because we only get a few really hot months of the pool. 

I still struggle with everything and I do know that once the house is rebuilt I will love it!  But, in the meantime it’s a forced thing that I have to keep positive thoughts about.  I’ve had to spend countless hours doing inventory.  Inventory is a true pain – it requires me mentally walking through each room & write down our things, where we bought them, how much we paid, what year we purchased them, and replacement value.  I am thankful we get to replace the items, but I am also the one that’s had to do the shopping to do that.  Now don’t get me wrong – I love to do me some shopping, but ugh this has been absolutely no fun at all.  I still have bad dreams & every night I lay down to close my eyes images appear.  Charred images….and I cry!  I miss my house so very much!

I have also been struggling with a few additional stresses that shouldn’t have happened.  I mentioned it in a previous post.  I have had a couple of people attack me, try to tear me down, & just really be nasty.  I fortunately realize that they have no impact on my life.  I’ve cut them out of my life for good & will never have anything more to do with them. Thing is I’ve forgiven but not forgotten…you can’t keep doing this & telling me your life is led by God, but every single time attack me, call me really ugly names (can’t repeat), and expect me to just look the other way.  I don’t believe God would continue to lead you in the direction of constant negative thoughts, jealousy & meanness.  The fingers of blame are consistently turned to others with them assuming absolutely no blame.  Bridges have been brunt with so many people that one day you’d hope they’d see that the path they continue to pave is what is served to them in return.  Pure sadness!

Fall is around the corner which I do love!  This means cooler days, chili, FOOTBALL, soups, coffee all day…  Apple picking is one of my all-time favorite things in the fall.  And, with apple picking comes homemade apple pies…yummmmmy! 

My Katiebug (my lil ladybug) starts Pre-K the week after next.  Gosh I just don’t know where the time goes.  She doesn’t like to leave mommy 2 days a week as it is.  I hope once she gets going she’ll love it. She loves it once she’s there, but the 2 days she cries and holds my leg until we finally just make her let go.  She has great friends there & always has a great day.  But, now it’s 5 days a week.  I am a bit sad, but also look forward to growth in her live to come.  I can’t wait to hear about her days, what she learned.  I am looking forward to the big hugs each afternoon when I pick her up (I love my hugs).  Next week Shea goes to school but Katie’s school is closed for the week in preparation for the school year.  I told Katie we’d have some time together & she said but mom who will I play with if Shea won’t be home.  Aww my girls love to play together & they always miss each other.  My heart took an extra beat when she said that!  I love that they are close.  It’s a relationship I always had hoped they’d have & I hope that they continue it as they grow older.

The weekend so far has been nice.  I did a much needed cleaning today & then the girls played outside while Mimi, Pawpa & I sat and watched them.  It was a beautiful day out.  We have birthdays to celebrate tomorrow…  Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend & tomorrow brings you much blessings!!





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  1. I'm glad you started this site. . .I can't wait to see pics of the rebuild!


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