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Reality of life smacked me right in the face the moment we pulled in the drive way on Saturday at noon from vacation.  It was a great vacation even though we had to work part of the time.  The build of the house must continue & running a business for Kacey had to continue. 

We had 21 people in one house!! Yes sir that is right 21..  It was fun, hectic & down right rowdy.  The weather was perfect everyday even though we had a few afternoon showers here & there.  The girls played on the beach digging, building sand castles, finding shells & clams, and finally getting in the water on our last day there.  To be fair the water wasn’t all that warm until that day & the waves were finally calmer.  But once they got in they loved it.  We shopped, ate out a few times, went to the water park & amusement pary, but mostly enjoyed hanging out.  My little Katie loved the big slide & the big kid rides including the Sea Dragon (at one point I think it was the pirate ship at Six Flags).  There were nightly poker games & a scale to weigh in….  Ok well the scale was more for the first day.  There was a Biggest Loser weight contest between a few that started Memorial Day & ended at Buckalew’s at 11:00 am.   My husband had a “small” side bet with his sister…he took it very serious & lost 25 pounds.  He won all bets!!  Yeah – shopping money for me J

After a week we were all ready to make our way back home.  Sunday we met with our builder & finalized our plans.  Once we get the permit we will be ready to start the rebuild.  I have my hands full the next several months.  I am in the process of looking at front doors, finding the right interior barn door on tracks, & deciding on the materials for the outside.  We are doing a Cape Cod and will be using shakers, siding & stone.  I am slightly OCD.  This makes things slightly difficult in trying to make decisions.  I am sending the plans to have cabinet quotes (YIKES!).  It’s scary to me. 

I have lots of running around to do with my parents over the next couple of days.  I am happy to take them and spend the time with them.  I love having them here.  They’ve been very helpful with the girls. 

Lots to do but I will be back soon with more info on the house but in the meantime enjoy the pictures of the beach vacation!
Fern Family

We did dolphin watching from our spot on the beach!

Oh she wanted that shovel but it was just a little too close to the water.

A few of our kiddos minus 4!!

Nanny & Katie

My Horse (in a very southern accent)

That second seat is holding my giggling 4 year old! She couldn't get enough of this ride.  The lady next to her said she is the bravest 4 year old she knows :)

Pumpkin ride with Zuzu Bear!

Yup there she is on the Monster Drop!

Hunting for clams...

And she finally made it into the water....and loved it!

One of our daily naps on the beach.

Mommy & her girls!!

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