CeCe Caldwell's Grand Prairie Sage Dining Room Set

This dining room set was completely outdated, but my client knows and fully understands that with a little paint it could be totally refreshed.  It had fantastic bones, which my client also recognized.

The entire set was still in great shape, nothing was missing, broke or needing repair.  This makes my job a bit easier.

The table and china hutch is massive, but look at the potential just wanting to turn this from drab to fab!

We choose to go with one of my all time favorite paints, CeCe Caldwell's.  We would be doing a slight layered look using California Gold with Grand Prairie Sage over the top.  This is such a beautiful green, and I knew once it was all painted it would truly be stunning.

We also knew we wanted to strip the top of the table to stain a darker brown color.  So I started with the stripping process.

I used this safe product that is a soy gel stripper.  It's safe to even use indoors & there is no smell and it works amazingly!  This table would've taken me forever to sand down & it would've kicked my butt, plus who wants to drag a table this size outdoors if you don't have to!?! While I don't mind sanding, I'd rather work smarter not harder.  It ended up taking me about 2 hours total to completely strip this entire top.  Had I gone the sanding route, I would've been working on the top for hours over several days.

This was after about 15 - 20 minutes of me putting the stripper on the top.

After about 30 minutes I used my scraper and started removing the topcoat from the table.

I didn't get enough stripper on a few areas, so I reapplied and let it sit while I started on the base of the table.

This is what the table looks like after removing all of the stripper but before I cleaned up using Mineral Spirits.

Once I cleaned the table with mineral spirits, you could really see the beauty that was under the cherry color.   Already looking refreshed.

I used Unicorn Spit Gel Stain in Rustic Reality and a bit of Midnight Blackness to create a gorgeous rustic chocolate brown.

This is after one coat of the Unicorn Spit.  I ended up doing two light coats, sanding with 400 grit sand paper in between to give it a nice smooth finish.  At this point you can already start seeing the difference in how it's going to look.

I let the stain sit for about 24 hours.  I painted the base and finished it along with starting on the china hutch.

Remember the key to a lasting paint job is to properly prep.  Even if the paint says no prep, you still have prep to do.  I also am pretty particular about the hardware including hinges and any other pieces that shouldn't be painted over.

I removed all of the doors, and the glass to get a good clean finish.  Trust me it's time consuming, but it ends up saving time at the end.  If I didn't remove the glass the insides of the slats wouldn't get painted & would look unfinished.  Being that there is mirror on the back of the cabinet, you'd be able to see that through the mirror.

While I removed all of the hinges I labeled and put them in a baggie to keep them all together.  I want to make sure the right hinges & latches go back on the correct door.  It doesn't always matter, but I've ran into putting doors back & not having the right hinge/latch and it not shutting correctly.  Now I just don't take any chances.

Once my prep is all done, I gave a couple of coats of the CeCe California Gold.  Prior to putting the Grand Prairie Sage over the California Gold, I used a Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax Distressing Disk.  

After everything was painted & dried, I lightly distressed to show the golden color under the green.

The table top was going to get a tung oil finish, but once it sat for a couple of days, it wasn't quite shiny enough.  So we pulled the tung oil off and gave it a couple of coats of an oil based sealer.  And, it turned out gorgeous.

I used Daddy Van's wax & sealed both the hutch and the table.  The thing I love about Daddy Van's, I use my wax brush and it goes on so easy.  In fact, I don't think I've loved using a wax as much as I love Daddy Van's.  I had stopped using wax for a while because I don't like buffing it out.  I use my wax brush and make sure I cover the area & walk away. The finish is truly beautiful.  Oh and the smell is just yummy!

While I let the hutch and table sit for a couple of days, I took the 6 chairs to my workshop and used my Wagner Sprayer to help me with the job.

I took the chairs home... Put the doors back onto the hutch, seats on the chairs and put everything back together including beautiful new hardware on the hutch.  I have to say I am in love with how it all turned out.

I really did enjoy doing this set, watching it transform from an outdated cherry stain to a gorgeous updated set that my client can enjoy for years to come.

I received an email from the owner a few days after with a staged picture & how much she loves it.  That made all the hard work worth every single second.

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