Pitch Black Buffet Makeover

I love a good Old Fashioned Milk Paint makeover.  When I was asked by a sweet friend about doing a makeover on a newly acquired piece for her, and she said she wanted it black with distressing... Well I turned to one of my absolute favorites -

Pitch Black by Old Fashioned Milk Paint (OFMP)

I received a text one evening with this photo asking about painting it...   Oh be still my heart this is a fantastic piece.

When the piece was dropped off one evening, I notice there were a couple of areas that the wood on the bottom was missing and damaged.  I let her know that I would fix that.

I grabbed my bondo and built most of the area back up and then I used timbermate once the bondo was completely dried.  This took several days to do since I needed to build the bondo up and it needed to be dried.

Once it was done, I grabbed my Unicorn Spit colors !Squirrel! and Rustic Reality and went over the timbermate to add some color stain even though I'd be painting over it with Pitch Black.  I just wanted to ensure that white wouldn't peek through when distressing.  I sanded and continued to work the area until I had it smooth and looking the way I wanted.

I lightly sanded over the entire buffet, scuffing up the surface.  We wanted a distressed look but not too chippy.  Once I had it lightly scuffed up so the paint would adhere, I used Simple Green to clean the buffet.

Now the buffet was ready to be painted in the most beautiful black..  I did three light coats over the entire buffet, lightly sanding in between coats.

The top has a marble top, but I went ahead and painted it just in case she ever decides to not use the marble piece.

And, once it was dry I lightly sanded and distressed it. Gave it a nice wax coat with Daddy Van's Shadow Black wax.

The hardware was also on the outdated side..  I updated them using CeCe Caldwell's Shelbyville Graphite Wax and then I dry brushed the Pitch Black OFMP to give them a bit of antique look.

My client is a special friend, I've known her since my Katie was about 2, and Shea was 6 months old.  That means we've know her for almost 7 years.  Kathleen was our first pre-school teacher for Katie that she remembers, and the first babysitter for our first date night out after having Shea that wasn't family.   She has & will always hold a pretty special place in our hearts, my girls love & adore her!  In pre-school that year they did a Thing 1 & Thing 2 theme Halloween costume for their class in the parade that year.  Fun fact is Katie's favorite # is 8.  It has been forever, and I still to this day am not sure where it came from.  Her soccer # is 8, in class this year her assigned # is 8.  Look at this photo & what Thing she was!  I just pulled up these pictures for this post and noticed it.

Sorry for the poor quality of photos, but this was way before blogging days for me.

When Kathleen brought this outdated buffet, which is her first furniture purchase for her future home.  I didn't realize that she's saving for her home, and has set a goal to make that purchase.  I feel not only blessed, but honored to have updated the first piece of furniture that will be a piece she will love for a very long time.

I remember when her & her father dropped off the piece, as we were chatting about it's possible history.  Her father said as he shook his head and said "I don't know but it's not a very pretty piece".  I reassured him that I would make it pretty again! Kathleen sent me a text telling me how much she loves it...that makes my heart smile.

It amazes me every single time I take a piece that is just needing a little pick me & transform it with a little paint.

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