Iris - A dresser transformed

Meet Iris..

Iris was created using CeCe Caldwell Paints and Modern Masters Metal Effects.

turquoise, gold, metal effects and patina

I am slightly obsessed with Iris, and love how she turned out.  One day I ventured out of my comfort zone.  I went to a paint n sip with a few of my lovely friends.

California Gold, Santa Fe Turquoise, Destin Gulf Green, Smoky Mountain Gray

It wasn't the sippin' part that was out of my comfort zone, it was actually the painting part.  I know WHAT!?!  You see I have not once picked up a paint brush & laid it on canvas.  I know I know...  crazy, right!

So it took me on a journey that day, one that I am not sure I can describe in words here, but I will try.  I know my way around paints well, but to paint on canvas is a whole different ballgame.  I didn't realize how different it would be.

sip and paint class

Picking up a paint brush to create a picture.  I have a fairly creative mind, & I can duplicate by vision, but to actually create a painting scared me.  Mind you creating custom colors & mixing I can do & love to do.  I have extremely artistic family members, my Grandma Brewer was very artistic and many of my traits are from her.  SO why couldn't I do this I asked myself.  Well...guess what!?!  I did it and I loved it.

I need to work on certain things, but the blending of colors and working them was pure bliss for me.   In fact, the instructor John & his wife Jackie said I could come to their studio and play err I mean learn more.  I can't wait!  They'll probably regret telling me that.

The class gave me inspiration for my next piece.  I've always admired Dionne of The Turquoise Iris..her work is amazing.  I just never ventured into that land.  But, after the class I decided to jump in...hands first.

This dresser once sat in my girls room.  Where did it come from?  I haven't a clue.  Thing is when we first moved into our home, we hadn't bought much furniture.  The insurance company let us "rent" from them while we were rebuilding the home.

pink and purple girls dresser

I had picked this dresser up, it had been painted white but the drawers hadn't been touched.  The girls were sharing a room and they wanted pink & purple.  We painted the top with a silver metallic and then used paper on the drawers.  Cute at the time.  But, probably one of my worst makeovers to date.
I brought the dresser into my shop and started the clean up.  I cleaned off all the paper, and then removed the silver and white paint.  Tedious but well worth it.

Once it was all cleaned up I grabbed all the colors I knew I'd be working with.  I used CeCe Caldwell paints in Santa Fe Turquoise, Destin Gulf Green and a tiny bit of Smoky Mountain Gray.  I mixed the 3 colors until I got the exact color I was looking for.  And, then I used California Gold.

I used Modern Masters Metal Effects.  I knew I was going to go for a layered look so I used the rust, green & blue patina.  I used the iron, bronze and copper oxidizing paint.  

I started with the Metal Effects primer.  I went up more than I knew I'd be using the oxidizing paint, but that was fine.  I actually like the color of the primer.  

I then just started playing.  One of the things I realized was, I was truly in my happy place.  I was using the dresser as my canvas.  Just letting things flow.

Blending as I went.. I had multiple paint brushes and a spray bottle with water to help with the blending, but mostly kept my brush dry.  I played, it's paint and can always be fixed if you don't love it.

I did the fronts and sides all together.  I also did the drawers shut..this gave me a full canvas to work with.  I normally take the drawers out.

I left her like this for the night.  I used my metal effects and sprayed her to bring me a surprise in the morning.  I couldn't wait to see how it sat up for me.  As you can see I opened the drawers so they wouldn't stick.

The next day I played a bit more on blending and pulling the colors together.  One of the things I learned in class was the hard stop of colors.  Some may like that look, I learned that day, I do not.  

I also gave the hardware it's Modern Masters treatment.  turning them from a brassy look to a beautiful rusty patina.

Now this is where patience is needed... I am learning y'all but it's not my best trait!

Meanwhile I let things sit and age while I went on to work on a custom piece for a client.  I needed to sand the top and prepare it for it's updated look.  A perfect distraction... I must say.  And, really you should come back to see it.  It also turned out gorgeous..

That was the perfect amount of time... The dresser was completed, the metal effects had done it's job & all the layers set up better than I could have hoped for.

turning hardware rusty using Modern Masters Metal Effects

The color combination is just stunning.  I loved how well the colors worked together.  The inspiration behind this dresser came from sitting with friends, and stepping out of my comfort zone.

It's amazing what we can conquer when we try something new.

teal, yellow and patina

I look at this dresser and really can't believe the transformation it took.  I am in love with how it turned out.  I will have to fight the urge to keep it...

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