Autism Awareness Charms

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Hi friends....

April is going to be here before we know it, and I've been itching to do something that represents that months awareness.  Autism Awareness!  Every year for the last 3 years I've had blue highlights to show my support.  My girls do them as well, but the ones that wash out.  As a family we also have our blue outside lightbulb.  This year I wanted to do something a little more permanent...

unicorn spit, rock chalk jayhawk, blue gel stain, puzzle piece charm

I wanted to do something for one of my painting friends.  There is a group of us that belong to a Facebook group where we talk about painting, leggings, lipstick and whatever else.  We've all become fairly close & have formed some pretty amazing friendships.  One day Lori mentioned the LulaRoe Leggings with puzzle pieces since she has a son that is autistic.  They are hard to find, but it sparked an idea.

I wanted to make Lori a charm.  Something she could wear.  I know you can probably buy them, but I wanted it to be something made for her.

Here's what you'll need -

Puzzle piece image
Blue paint or stain
Necklace Chain

I knew I wanted to use a puzzle piece image I had found a while back.  You ask..  Can I upload my own images with Cricut?  Why, yes you can!  I will show you how.

How easy is it to upload my images with the Cricut?  Super easy...  Follow along...

I am going to give you a step by step into just how easy it is!

I had found an image of a puzzle piece on the internet a while back by searching for Autism Awareness puzzle piece.

I saved it as a .jpg.  Once it is saved as a .jpg it is a fairly simple & quick process to upload into the Cricut Design Space.

You can also upload other basic images such as a .gif, .png, .bmp or a vector image like a .svg and .dxf.  Personally I like using the .jpg or .png.

To upload an image, click “Upload Images” on the left side of the design screen. 

The next screen will open which will prompt you to choose image upload.  This will allow you to work with your saved image.  To get started, you will click “UPLOAD IMAGE.”

You want to click on “BROWSE” to locate your saved image from your computer.

Select your saved image that you have on your computer.  

Once you have your image selected you can move onto selecting the areas you want to remove from the image. You can see in the photo below all of the white space outside of the puzzle piece.  This is what I want to remove.

You will pick one of the THREE options based on if it is a simple, moderately complex, or complex based on the descriptions provided on the screen.  For this image I choose moderately complex.  And, then click "CONTINUE".

Here is where you specify the cut lines of your image. The tools in the left hand corner, SELECT & ERASE, CROP, & ERASE, will help you to remove the unwanted background from your image. The checkered background shows the areas that have been removed and will not cut. The solid areas will be the image you will use in your design space.

Here you can see where my arrow cursor is inside my image.  I just clicked on the white area and it created the purple & white checkered boxes.  This now will be removed when I move onto my next step.

Click "CONTINUE" in the bottom right corner.

When it first opens up, the "SAVE AS A PRINT THEN CUT IMAGE" comes up checked.  If my image looks good and is ready to be uploaded, I choose the "SAVE AS A CUT IMAGE" and click "SAVE" in the lower right corner.

There's my image all ready to be inserted into my design space.  I click on the "INSERT IMAGE" in the right hand corner.

And, there it is.  All ready to start my design.

Now I am ready to create my design vision.  This was a simple design but has a big impact.  Once I had my design in place, I duplicate it and then flipped it to mirror the image.  I did this since the material I was cutting is thin and has a paper back.

I wanted to cut the design on wood so I could stain the puzzle piece blue for the color of Autism Awareness.

If you look closely in the picture below, you will see the design is a mirror image.  Once they were cut, I used super glue to attach the paper backed sides.  That's the reason for the mirror cut.  You will also see the circles added to the puzzle piece.  This is so I can attach it to a chain.

I stained both sides with blue stain from Unicorn Spit Gel Stain in Rock Chalk Jayhawk.  It is one of the new Sparkling Stains and I am loving the colors...and the yummy lemon grass smell.

I absolutely love this cute charm & I hope Lori does as well.  I hope you were able to see that you are able to upload your own image and just how easy it is to do so.

Cricut made charm, necklace, blue charm, blue puzzle piece charm

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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