Color Your World - Painted Layered Dresser with Velvet Finishes #FFFC

This post is sponsored by Velvet Finishes, but as always all opinions are 100% mine!!

Wow you guys we are so near the end of the year.   Where as the time gone?  I bought my first Christmas present for the girls a few days ago, and I literally stopped in my tracks to think about what I was doing.

Speaking of my sweet girls...  I promised them both room makeovers.  Well!  I got my Katie's room done, but my poor Shea has been waiting.  I promised her that hers was up next after we finished up the office/closet makeover!

When I signed up to be host of this months Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest with our Fab Sponsor Velvet Finishes, and the theme was Color Your World, I knew this was the best time to jump right on in with the first furniture piece to be made over.

Let me show you what we were making over...

I know.. It's adorable as it is.  I agree it is.  But, the girl wanted some color & she wasn't digging the all!  This dresser.. When we lost our home & belongings in the house fire in 2011 this was a  rental dresser from the insurance company.  When we were ready to move into the newly built home, we were given the option to either purchase the rental furniture or return it.  I thought this was a cute dresser for the girls room, and at the time I hadn't found any dressers to makeover for their room.

It is not wood, it's MDF.  Not an antique and worth...well nothing to my girl if I don't give it a facelift!

We picked out her theme colors a while ago.  Her favorite color is purple, with teal, green & pink right behind.  SO why not layer these amazing colors?

I was sent color samples from Velvet Finishes...  Look at those gorgeous colors.  I let Shea pick out 3 colors...Boheme (teal), Glamorous (hot pink), and Stately (purple).

Originally we were going to finish off the dresser with the Glamorous, but when she saw the Stately...her mind changed.  We girls do that...and honestly it's for her room, she gets to make that choice!

I cleaned the dresser with my Simple Green, scuffed it up with my sanding block (you can already see my scuffing on the bottom dresser), and then used the Ready by Velvet Finishes.

For this dresser I didn't remove the hardware, which I normally do.  But, I wanted it to have the same layer look & I knew we were keeping them on.

We started with the Boheme first.  I didn't go over the entire dresser, just where I thought I'd be sanding back to show layers & making sure I got the details well.

Shea wanted a bit of a bright lime green in it as well since it's a color in her bedding.  I had a lime green from a previous custom project that I used.  

I continued to layer on the colors.  I had then painted the entire dresser in Glamorous, but I forgot to take a picture.  We were having some awful cloudy days since this was all during Hurricane Matthew & it slipped my mind totally.  

Once I had Glamorous finished & dried, I went back over the entire dresser with Stately.  Once she saw the purple it was a done deal.  She loved the color.

She came in and gave me a big hug and said she was so lucky to have a momma that loves her....awww my heart!

Once the paint was dry, I used a scrubbing sponge, a sanding block and a spray bottle to distress the areas I wanted to show the layers.  You can also use Vaseline for this technique as well.  The way I did it is my preferred method.  

You can see the layers peeking through.  And, the flower details.. I used a graphite & silver wax to make the details pop!  I sealed the entire piece with the Protect by Velvet Finishes.

My sweet girl loves it and is so happy with her new dresser!  Now to move onto more makeovers & to paint her walls....

Ready to see more Color Your World makeovers?   The  Fab Furniture Flippin Contest™  has teamed up this month with Velvet Finishes to bring you some color to your world.  

Velvet Finishes has some really beautiful colors to chose from as you can see above, and in the painted color sticks I showed you early!  

October 2016 Theme: Color Your World
Sponsored By: Velvet Finishes
Submission Deadline: November 18, 2016 @ 11:59 PM EST
PRIZE PACKAGE: $250 Velvet Finishes Gift Certificate

Be sure to check back throughout the month to check out the participants link up their "Color Your World" transformations!

Make sure you stop by my co-host & friend Thea of Sweet Tea Refinishing to see her fabulous makeover!! Loving the color she used!

And, make sure to follow along with our other Fab Furniture Flippin Contest™ hosts.  


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