Old Fashioned Milk Paint "Farmhouse Fun" Deconstructed Settee - July FFFC™

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Wowzers how in the world did it become July already!?!  We were all sitting around the bonfire the other night discussing how cool it is for the month of July....we were all in long pants & sweatshirts!

What's better than sitting around a bonfire on a cool summer night, roasting marshmellows & watching the kids have water balloon fights you ask... Oh well that would flipping a nice piece of furniture.  Especially one that is going into your new office.

New month, new #fabflippincontest theme...

.....brought to you by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.  

Old-Fashioned Milk Paint is one of my absolute favorite paints to use.  I love a good chippy finish.  But, I also love that it is truly a green paint (not just green in color) and safe to use since it is made with all natural ingredients that won't harm the environment.

I can also mix colors to create custom colors specifically for what I am looking for... I love experimenting to see what colors combos I can come up with.  Possibilities are endless...

Before I get on with showing you the piece I flipped using #oldfashionedmilkpaint let me give you the details of this month's contest.

July 2016 Theme: "Farmhouse Fun"
Submission Deadline: Friday, July 22nd @ 11:59 PM EST
Sponsored By: Old Fashioned Milk Paint

Six quarts of OFMP (your choice of colors), one quart of Extra-Bond, one pint of Antique Crackle, one 5 oz. tin of Daddy Van's Clear Wax (in either Unscented, Lavender or Orange Oil), and one 2 oz. tin EACH of Daddy Van's Antique Brown & Shadow Black waxes

Oh and you guys are going to get a little sneak peek at the new office makeover.  Say what's that... Soon...so soon!

Last year after my episode of Flea Market Flip aired I was featured in our local paper, and I had some people reach out to me to see if I wanted some furniture.  It turned out to be a friend of my mother in law.  I left with much of the furniture they were cleaning out.  There was this settee that had been mostly striped to the bones...  I originally left it behind, but a few days later I got the call that it was still there, and did I want to come back for it.  YES...yes I do!

On Fern Avenue Settee

I wanted to give it a roll... Could I tackle this project or was I completely in over my head!?!  I knew I wanted to redo it for my office makeover.  Industrial loft space with exposed beams.

This!  I knew this was it and that Old Fashioned Milk Paint was the way to go... The only thing was they didn't have the color I wanted to use.  A more teal tone.  I reached out to my friend Evey and Anne of OFMP to see what colors I'd need to create the color I was looking for.

And...just like that the next few days I had my stock of the colors I needed to create my custom mix...

On Fern Avenue - ofmp

I needed to finish striping the settee down before I could start painting.  It wasn't difficult, just very time consuming...tons of little nails and tacks.

I had my helper though and so it made it a bit more easier :)

Once it was stripped, I cleaned it well, filled some of the nail holes, and sanded it.

I was all set to paint...

I sat out all of the colors and started mixing to achieve the teal color I was looking for.  The colors I used in the mix consisted of Federal Blue, Tavern Green, Sea Green, and a tad bit of Snow White.   I mixed starting with Federal Blue, adding touches of my Tavern Green & Sea Green & then a little of the Snow White to pull it down just a bit.  I know I should've written down the measurements because I am in love with the color... but I didn't.

Once I had my color mixed, I let it sit for about 15 - 20 minutes to let the paint thicken just a bit.

I painted the entire settee with 2 coats & once it was dry I sealed it with Tung oil.  Now was the fun part (NOT)...I started on the upholstery.  You guys I am so very thankful my day job is not doing upholstery!

Remember...industrial loft look so I wasn't going for perfection.  More on the rustic, farmhouse fun side.

I used canvas drop cloths, some extra material from burlap coffee bags, and sisal as trim.

Now sitting in it's new home, a spot in my office.... And, I am more in love with it today than the day I finished it.  All of it's beautiful imperfections, lumpy, comfortable cushions and the rawness of the arms.  Look at those details..

On Fern Avenue deconstructed settee

On Fern Avenue - upholstery

On Fern Avenue OFMP

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Settee

On Fern Avenue OFMP Settee

I am loving the deconstructed imperfection of the end result.  It's probably one of my absolutely favorite pieces in my home.

Join your Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest™ July hosts Evey of Evey's Creations and Stacy of  Anastasia Vintage to see their #farmhousefun makeovers.

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