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The time has come that I am going to start sharing my office makeover with you, and I am sitting at my desk in my new office typing this....eeekkkkkkk.

There are so many layers that went into this room.  There is just no way I can fit it all into one post for you... So I am going to take you through the furniture first before I show you the full office makeover.  I will then bring to you the process that went into making my office what it is today!

I am beside myself excited with how the room has turned out.  I've shared a few furniture pieces throughout the process, & each time I talk about how much I love each one...well truth be told I am having a hard time picking my favorite out of this group!!

Ok y'all ready...

The first thing I did was put my desk together.  I knew I wanted a large working space since I use a few different things for creating furniture pieces.  I have a large inkjet printer for doing image transfers, a scanner, and a silhoutte.. and many other things that take up space.

I picked up these filing cabinets at Habitat for Humanity many months ago knowing exactly what I wanted to do with them.



The tops were used as bookshelves when I redid Kaitlyn's room.  You can see her Tribal Arrowroom Makeover to see how they were used.

The office was going to be on the rustic, industrial side & so I knew exactly what I wanted to use as the top of the desk...


This old barn door that we picked from an old hardware store turned barn dance hall built back in the late 1800s.  I would drive by the building on occasion and wonder when they'd finally take it down since it was leaning off to the right being held up by who knows what.  It was finally torn down a little over 2 years ago, and we went & picked through and scored many amazing pieces.

I painted my filing cabinets in Neptune by Wise Owl Paint, if you haven't yet tried the paint line, you should.  I love it & Karen is amazing!!


I then painted the door using stain by another one of my favorite products, Unicorn Spit!  Michelle is also incredible, and again if you haven't tried it, you should!  Not only does it smell incredible, it is green & you can use your hands to paint with it!  Plus the story behind the product is pretty amazing in itself!!


I loved having the cut out you see on the bottom, it was there already, and my plan is to use it for cords!! Ahh smart thinking!!


A little visionary for ya!!  Once I had the filing cabinets painted, I sealed them first with hemp oil & then black hemp oil wax that you can get from Karen at Wise Owl.  I love how it turned them a beautiful patina teal.  You can see in the below pictures.

I know there were 3 filing cabints above...hang tight I am going to show you the other in a bit.

Now all set up as just a little sneak peek which I shared on instagram and facebook!!  If you follow along, I am always showing fun sneak peeks into what I am working on..

I had lots of work that still had to be wrapped up in the room, small details, and more furniture to paint & refinish.  My next project was a doozy & took up a big portion of my time.  But, in the end my heart was full of absolute joy!


When I picked this baby up, she had already been partially stripped of the fabric only.  Thing is I think whoever started realized this was not an easy feat!  I spent hours, back breaking hours pulling all of those nails & tacks out.

She was a project I did for our #fabfurnitureflippingcontest for Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co as our sponsor for the month of July!

You can read all about how I customized her for my office and the colors I used in my Farmhouse Fun Settee post.


Another one of the fun pieces I did is this chair I found on the curb in my neighborhood..


She too was a part of a project post for the #brandblogger for Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co for the month of July!  I am so happy that I had these specific pieces for my office, and the timing couldn't have been better knowing I wanted to do them in #OFMP.

And, really you should see this girls back's beautiful.  You can check it out by going to my Curbside to Farmhouse glam chair post on how I brought her back to life!


In the meantime, I had a few other small pieces I wanted to get wrapped up.  One is a metal bookshelf, you know those cheap ones with pressed wood as the shelf?  Yup..  this one...


It looks completely different, but you'll have to wait for the full room reveal to see it, I'd just give too much away :) !  Let's just say with a little help from one of my all time favorite products, it fits right in with this room!!  I know what a tease...

And...the 3rd filing cabinet...  here's a sneak peek of what it looks like.  I also used Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Pitch Black.  I will be doing a full post on this process...


We also added a screen porch door that I got from Habitat for Humanity for $5.  It leads into my closet area.  I didn't do much to it.  I cleaned it up and wiped it down with some hemp oil...  I wanted to keep the light coming through so I added garden burlap to other side.  Garden burlap can be found in rolls at Home Depot & it is much looser than burlap fabric, and so it was perfect for this door!


And, the last thing I did for furniture was my desk chair.  A few years ago I was at this outdoor auction at this super cool farmhouse. There were so many amazing pieces of antique furniture, like jelly cupboards & empire buffets...all out of my price range.  I simply thought that my day would end empty handed. I saw the chair when I was strolling through admiring all the stunning pieces, it was really dirty & the leather needed to be spruced up.  But, it was an antique solid oak desk chair that works & needed no work!  I truly thought it'd go for a nice penny, but I scored this baby for $10!!!


Look at her shine now!!  I cleaned her up, and used Howard restor-a-finish!!


Every piece of furniture in my office was either headed to the dump, picked up from an auction, thrift store or my local Habitat ReStore!  I couldn't be happier knowing that by giving each of these pieces a new lease on life, I've saved a little from going into our landfill.

I can't wait to show you the full room reveal with a few elements of surprises.  I am in love & still pinch myself knowing I get to sit here to work each day.

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