Curbside to farmhouse glam chair using Old Fashioned Milk Paint

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One afternoon my husband & I were having a chat about all of my furniture I have stashed in the garage, basement & under our back porch.  His very direct, eye contact with brows raised comment to me was... "DO not bring any more furniture home"!  I shook my head and said ok...

I was on my way to drop my girls off at the bus the next morning, and this chair somehow jumped into the back of my van..


I was just driving by, it was hanging out all comfy by this tree waiting for the big orange truck (that's our garbage men), and the next thing I know it was in my van riding back home with me.  No clue!

I managed somehow to keep it hidden for all of about a day!  And, then like many other of my finds they sit & wait until I walk through & decide it's their day for a refresh.

His way of saying either do something with this stuff or it's out of here...

But, you can see this girl needed lots of work.   She was dirty and just not pretty at all.  I saw those legs though & knew she had something special going on.

I pulled off at least 3 layers of fabric, gross fabric.  The best part is by the last layer her bones were truly shining & I could tell she was already starting to feel better about herself.

I got her dirty clothes off, gave her a good scrubbing, and scuffed away the top layer of grime.  

As an official Old Fashioned Milk Paint Brand Blogger I get to show you ways to use milk paint.  

There are many reasons I love #OFMP... one being that it contains only ingredients that are all-natural and will not harm the environment.  I also love that I can mix colors to get a new & different color.  Oh and did you know it creates that yummy chippy look I love?  

Today I am going to show you my mad science skills by mixing a few colors to give this tired old chair a facelift that she deserves.  See all of the possiblilites?  And, by mixing a few of the colors you can created even more possibilites.


I mixed up my custom Old Fashioned Milk Paint colors using the following -

I started with 2 teaspoons of each color, Tavern Green, Sea Green, & Mustard.  I then added a little Snow White to pull the color down just a bit.  A little goes a long ways...

I mixed the colors in a plastic container with a seal tight lid.  I like to use a plastic fork, smashing the larger pieces of the powder on the sides.  Your mix will become a tad frothy, but that's ok, let it sit & trust me, it's going to be amazing!   I let it sit for about 15 - 20 minutes before I started to paint.  

I put my first coat on lightly getting a nice coverage.  It dries fairly quick, but while I waited I gathered all of my material that I'd be using.  I added 2 more light coats.  Once my paint was completely dry I lightly sanded with 220 grit sand paper being careful not sand over my chippy areas, and then I used tung oil to seal.  I love how smooth the paint becomes.  It was now ready for her new fabric...


I orginally started with one feed sack on the seat, but as I was going through my stash I found one that I've been dying to use...


She's all finished and sitting in my little reading nook in my new office!  Again...I am in love!  


I love that she chipped a little here & there, but only where she felt she wanted to show a little of her natural self.  


The strip on this was purple & I didn't love I painted it teal!  


I love how amazing she looks now.  I know she knew if she hopped into my van she would be saved & given another day...many more days because now in my eyes she's perfect & well loved!


  1. Lynn, I love the milk paint you have been using.
    What do you use on it after ?? Do you use wax or tung oil??

  2. I love the chair and its makeover! The first thing I noticed about it was the carving on the center back. So pretty. Love the feed sacks.
    :) gwingal

  3. Wow! Great makeover! Furniture just jumps into my vehicle too! Go figure!

  4. Oooooooh, don't you just love to find treasures like this on the side of the road?? Fantastic job on this re-do!


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