All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost Dresser Makeover

A very special thanks to Benjamin Moore for providing the paint for this post!  All opinions are my own & 100% honest.

Did you know I was on Season 5 of Flea Market Flip?  If you haven't read about it, you can read my posts from each day we filmed here, here, & here.

I was blessed to have our local newspaper feature an article about my experience...not once but twice!!  I had a couple of people get in touch with me to see if I wanted some furniture they were getting rid of.

One family was cleaning out a family members home & garage, and before Habitat was coming they wanted me to take a look.  When I got there I was in complete awe of how much amazing finds there were.  I seriously can't wait to show you a couple of things I am working on...but another day, I promise.  I loaded my trailer & van up with some gorgeous pieces...

For now I want to take you to look at something some people would've just tossed.  I had told the family that I would come back once Habitat came to help them clearing out what they didn't take.  My van & trailer was already full.

I had my eye on a dresser...but at the time it wouldn't fit.  It was one of the items left behind.

I know crusty and broken. you see what I see?  Bones!  Sweet hardy bones!  That drawer could be fixed, a little cleaning, and sanding to smooth it up.'s on casters!

It sat in my basement for a few months while I wrapped up a few things.  My next project to tackle was my Katie's room.  As soon as she had picked out her theme, I knew this sweet gem would be perfect.

I brought her into my workshop, ran the idea past her, her eyes lit up, and so a plan had been set in motion.

She got to work helping me clean this girl up...

I love that she's not afraid to get in and get her hands in the middle of the action..

She was all clean and had a freshly sanded top along with a fixed drawer... how pretty is she looking now.

We knew that we were replacing the handles, so I filled each of the holes since the new pulls didn't fit.

I gave her a new fresh coat of paint by Benjamin Moore called Slate CW-700.  It's a beautiful gray that we did her entire bedroom walls in.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.

The top was stained in a beautiful grey gel stain from General Finishes, and then we used a metallic silver wax over it from CeCe Caldwell know every little girl needs a little sparkle & shine!!

Once the paint had dried, I applied another stunning color by Benjamin Moore called Teal Tone.  It was the perfect turquoise that Katie was looking for in her room.

While the paint was drying, I used my Silhouette cutouts (made from vinyl, you can see a tutorial on how I did this technique on another dresser here) that we had made previously for this, applied them to the drawers before painting them in the Teal Tone.  This is a reverse stencil effect.

When the paint is dry, we pulled the vinyl lettering off to show the gray under the teal.

The arrow pulls were from a craft store that I knew would be perfect.  They were gold, and since that was not the color we needed, I spray painted them & then used the silver metallic wax over them.

Once it was completely finished, and Katie saw the finished product, you could see how excited she was to be involved in creating something for her room.  She was in school the day I finished the dresser including pulling the vinyl off and adding the pulls.  It was a wonderful surprise for her to come home to.

From trash to treasure for this sweet room makeover!!

One last look...


  1. Absolutely beautiful! And so is that bedroom, I love all the K's on the wall!


  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love that color teal. You did an amazing job with that piece.

    1. Thank you :) Teal is one of my fav colors as well.

  3. What a beautiful makeover. I love the colors and the drawer pull selections. I bet if the original owners saw the dresser now they would want it back.

  4. Really sweet! Good job and I think it's terrific that Katie helped.

  5. This is beautiful! And the most clicked link this week at You're Gonna Love it!! You've been featured! <3

  6. I love that the arrows are pointing in opposite directions. Matches the theme of the project. :)


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