A furniture flippers - Gift wishlist

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I'd put together some of what is on my "wishlist" and some of the things I use everyday.

I am hoping this list will help give those of you buying for a furniture flipper or that DIYer an idea of what I might like err they might like to have!

I have been refinishing furniture for several years now, and I've learned over the last several years what my go to's are.  I use certain things on the regular...basically every day that I am in the workshop.

Here is my list of what I use on the regular - 

Let's start with group 1...

Paint.. I have several different brands that I use & love that includes Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint, Chroma Color by RePurpose (Cari Cucksey), General Finishes, Benjamin Moore, and Modern Masters.

Anyone that refinishes furniture loves to receive their favorite paints!! 

2.  Non Power Tools that I use on the regular.  All of these items make great stocking stuffers for the furniture flipper in your family.  I have a tape measure clipped to my side pretty much the entire day, and I have a mini key chain one that I carry all the time when I am out & about. A good hammer, scissors and paint brush comes in handy at some point in my day.  Blue shop towels...my absolute favorite for many reasons, but when I am ready to seal a piece especially with wax or hemp/tung oil this is my favorite to use.  

3.  POWER TOOLS...ahhh music to my ears.  They are a key part of my day to help move the day along in a timely manner.  I refinish a lot of furniture and without these items I wouldn't be able to do so as quickly.  It just makes life easier.  I own all of these items & love each one of them.  
I have an orbital sander (plugs into a power source) that I use on the regular, but I am in love with this Cordless Corner Cat Sander.  
I simply could not live without my Cordless Drill.  I use this baby all the time.
The Airstrike Ultimate Kit - Crown Nailer, Brad Nailer and Finish Nailer... I used these for the first time at the Haven Conference, and let me tell ya, it's made doing upholstery so much easier, faster & actually enjoyable.
I can't rave enough about the Wagner Flexio 590.  This sprayer is a dream!! I use this sprayer pretty much every single time I paint.  In fact I just ordered an additional canister set so I can easily change out paints (you know a couple of projects going at the same time...Queen multi-tasker :))

A great stocking stuffer that I don't have pictured.. CARPENTER pencils with a sharpener.  I have one stuck in my hair all day, everyday!  I've been known to walk into a store with it still there..

Now I get to show you what's on my wishlist for this year...

Cordless Compact Radio with Bluetooth wireless technology - I love listening to music while I work (I've been known to bust a move or two while working or belting out a tune when no one is around to howl at my noise), and this compact radio with bluetooth would be a great gift.  It's a great gift option at $40.00

Craftsman 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw - I'd love love love to have a scroll saw when making detailed cuts.  Another great gift from Craftsman at less than $120.00

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level - Another great stocking stuffer at less than $15.00.

Cordless Random Orbit Sander - I have an orbit sander that plugs in, but love to have a cordless as many times I work in an area where there are no plugs close by.  This would be such a great help! $40

Scrubby Soap - I need this!! I keep telling myself to just order it (no retailers near me), and I never do.  Maybe Twinkles our Elf on the Shelf will go back to the North Pole & tell Santa to please put some in this girls stocking!  It's a fantastic gift for those of us that use a paint brush everyday :)

And, last but definitely not least... GIFT CARDS.  I have a list of places I'd love gift cards to..Ballard Designs, Home Depot, Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters..

I LOVE to build, paint and just play in my workshop.  We are working on many DIY projects around the house that once the heavy jobs are done (like installing big beams in the ceiling are completed..hint hint husband if you are reading this), I step in & do the rest (you know like putting down flooring, putting up ship-lap on the walls, painting, staining, redoing furniture, etc).  So anytime I get a new power tool, paint supplies, or gift cards to purchase such items along with home decor.... makes me a happy girl.  

My biggest item on my wishlist this year.. IS for all of you to have a wonderful holiday filled with unconditional love, happiness, and joy.

What's on your list for Christmas this year?  


  1. Wow. It seems like you seriously know what you're doing! This is only the first post I've read on your blog but while I was reading I kept hoping you had loads tons of posts for me to read when I was finished.

  2. "Power Tools" is a brilliant gift idea! My husband will surely love it. Well, I think every man in the house will appreciate it.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Lots of thanks for this post.I think it is a very good post. It helps us many away. So many many thanks for this article.


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