JORD wood watches - I am grateful for giveaway series

Hello my sweet friends!  On a daily basis I look at my girls in awe.  They are constantly learning, growing & being challenged.

We have two girls that are school age....

Our youngest is a spitfire!  She's bright, sweet (a real mushy), and she always brings the funny to the party! I love her free spirited laid back personality.  She loves to read, write & draw pictures.  

Our oldest daughter keeps us on our toes.  She is super smart with an eager to learn on a constant basis....always asking questions, and good ones, not just "why".  She is crazy observant and she's always been naturally a nurturing (wanting to help at all times) child.

Both girls have strong minds and a strong will that I absolutely love even though at times it drives me crazy!! 

With that being said today I am grateful for our teachers.  Our teachers have been nothing but amazing to work with.  I feel very blessed that as each year passes we are moving in a positive direction, and that is in part to having supportive teachers that take the time to not only teach our kids, but to work with us as's a time consuming process, but appreciated!  I am ever so grateful for our teachers!

Today I am sharing my gratitude for our teachers!  
I know as a teacher that when you have 20+ kids in your classroom, it is time consuming each day to ensure your class runs smooth, adequate, and as efficiently as possible.

I am teaming up today with JORD wood watches to bring today's giveaway.


I love my JORD wood watch (much more to come on this very soon)... I wear it everywhere from here on my wrist sitting on the bus with my older daughters class field trip.


I will be bringing my full review of my JORD watch with all of the details of how much I love this watch, and how I like to wear it & my favorite pairings.

But, that will have to wait because for today this is what I am bringing to you...

The chance for you to win a $120 gift certificate to use toward a JORD Wood Watch watch of your very own!  
JORD wood watches..

JORD was derived from a desire for timepieces that model our modern lifestyle. Sustainable, efficient, simple, and influenced by experiential living. JORD owners don't just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.

Christmas is just around the corner and maybe you have a special someone that would love to have a JORD watch.   JORD watches are available in styles for both women and men.  

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  1. What a beautiful watch. This would make a great gift!

  2. The woman's dark sandalwood watch is very pretty!

  3. Love these! I like the zebrawood & turquoise or koa & rose gold. It's a really Beautiful watch company!

  4. I love these!! I like the dark sandalwood, but also the zebrawood and turquoise! However, it would be hard to pick just one

  5. I love their watches! They are gorgeous! and yah..that koa and rose gold one is my fave!

  6. So cool! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Yay! I won?! Thank you soooo much! How do I redeem??


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