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Hi friends...

I am talking about one of my favorite holiday traditions.. Holiday cards!!

Last year was the first year I had ventured over to Minted to design our holiday card featuring one of my favorite pictures of my girls while on our traditional Fern family vacation to Long Beach Island.  I am so happy I did because it was a BIG hit!


Aren't these just the cutest cards?  They look like vintage hang tags & it was so perfect for our family!!

We recently had our family photos done and so of course I went right back to Minted to customize another holiday card to send out.  I had a really hard time choosing for many reasons.

This year Minted has launched completely custom cards.  It is so fun that you can take your child's artwork (or even your own) and use it as a holiday card...

Twas the Night
The More The Merrier
Some of my favorite photo cards that you can customize are...

it's a WONDERFUL life

Winter Brush
Peace Wonder Love
Height of Happiness
I seriously had the hardest time picking our card out this year.  But, I did it & have already received my cards from Minted.

2015 Fern Family Holiday Card

Something that I was super impressed with last year when I ordered, and they didn't fail me this year.. the personalization that goes into packing the cards.  Their customer service is amazing!  I am also slightly obsessed with their fabrics & artwork.

One of the many things I love about Minted is your address book is saved, and so you can use it each year updating as you need to. And, they will print the addresses right on your envelopes saving you so much time.  And, with that you can choose from so many fun & cool fonts.

Some other great things about Minted -

·  Minted is a design marketplace of independent artists from around the globe.
·  This year, all holiday cards are available with matching envelope designs and recipient addressing, FREE for a limited time. Save time and make your holiday card beautiful from the inside out.
·  2015 holiday card trends: Take it from our community of independent artists—hand-drawn patterns, dark grey with metallic, geometric, and bold color palettes are what’s on-trend for this season. Among this year’s top trends are real foil-pressed holiday cards in gold, silver and rose gold, available exclusively at Minted; also new are photo letterpress holiday cards featuring the luxurious look and feel of letterpress paired with unique inks and neon colors. 
·  Minted is known for its high-quality paper and printing. Minted’s Signature paper is thick and luxurious with a creamy cotton texture, and has been optimized for photo printing. You can also choose 100% recycled paper, Pearlescent paper which adds a subtle shimmer, DoubleThick paper or even TripleThick paper. Minted also offers 9 unique die-cut shapes. A variety of backer options allow you to add additional photos, text, and customization options to your holiday card.
·  Love your holiday card so much that you want to make it a permanent fixture of your home? Introducing new Holiday Keepsake Art. Create a gallery wall of holiday memories with a framed keepsake made of this year’s holiday card.
·  Minted’s assortment of stationery, art and home decor is constantly expanding as Minted grows its artist community and hosts ongoing challenges.

I will say it again... Minted totally rocks when it comes to the overall experience.  From ordering to the packaging with a personalized note about who put your order together, including a note about the artist that designed the card you chose....complete to delivery!!  Simply amazing!

Do you like to customize your cards?  Do you like to send out holiday cards as much as I do?  I seriously love sending them & receiving them back!


  1. Beautiful and high quality cards! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh your cards are just beautiful! I also love the idea of using your child's artwork for cards.

  3. Your card is beautiful! One of these years I'll get my act together and make photo cards :)

  4. Custom cards get prettier each year! Love the kids art option.


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