September FFFC - Geometric Design

Here we are September.... Hello to another Fab Furniture Flippin Contest.  Have you been following along?  Last month brought on some serious agida.  The talent was off the hook & trying to pick favs just was not all that easy!

So welcome September and what better way to bring in one of my favorite months than to have General Finishes sponsor it!!  

General Finishes makes painting not only fun, but if you are new to painting or their line, they helpful videos on YouTube to help guide through the process.  I love that if I feel stuck or if someone asks about a process, I can go right to their General Finishes YouTube channel to watch a step by step guide!!

General Finishes has brought it on in terms of a prize package.  This months winner will receive...

 One case of a mix of your choice of products, in either pints or quarts (1 case = 8 quarts OR 10 pints; pints & quarts may not be mixed)

Folks...did you read that?  ONE case of a mix of your choice of products!!  I've used a pint of one color on 3 different pieces of furniture & I still have a bit of it left (Green Patina)...keep reading you will see what I speak of!

My love for General Finishes runs deep.... 

September 2015 Theme: "Geometric Design"

Submission Deadline: Friday, September 25th @ 11:59 PM EST

Sponsored By: General Finishes

I love so many of the colors that they have.  One of which has had my heart since the first day I laid eyes upon it... 

GREEN PATINA...  You can see this stunning dresser that I did which resides in my bedroom here.  It has been one of my all time favorite pieces of furniture.

And..this Cabinet turned Art Station for my girls.

I also love using the gel stains that General Finishes carry. 

You can see that I used Java Gel stain here on this gorgeous table top...

The table top on this dining table is the Antique Walnut gel stain.  You can see it here...

Just a few of the examples where I've used General Finishes in past makeovers.

BUT, this month our theme for the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest is Geometric Design.

I had originally decided to do another dining set, but my shipment didn't make it to me in time to have it completed for this post.  But, hey guess what that means??? You will get see another amazing makeover using what I had originally planned on!  Double the goodness!

But, then I kinda freaked out for a minute...because what in the world was I going to do to incorporate geometric design.   My mind raced overnight...  I woke up the next morning in sheer know because I don't have a basement and garage full of furniture.  

And, then I remembered this sitting in the corner buried under a pile of other know because I needed to dig out a piece and not use one that was on top of the pile.  It's my style!!

It had no top... It was filthy.... And, it was (keyword WAS) not my all!

Are you yet a bit curious of how the geometric design is playing into this? too!!  

I stripped the thing of it's doors and hardware....and then cleaned it up!  It was so very dirty!  And, then inspiration struck.  

I pulled paint & stain from my stock of General Finishes... I told you my love for General Finishes runs deep.  I have multiple colors in my paint supply!

I painted the inside Barn Red & the outside in Patina Green (remember 3 pieces with ONE pint)...  I knew this sweet thing was going in my living room....remember I said inspiration struck!?!  So I used the colors I love!!  I also knew that the geometric design I'd be using would accent my decor.

I hand painted the designs onto the base of the piece once my Patina Green was dry using the Barn Red.  You're getting a little sneak peek at the top.

When I first started on this, the top was going to be "new" planks that I was going to use the gel stain on.  I had ventured upstairs to our garage and something caught my eye...

This old reclaimed wood door.  I immediately grabbed my tape measure to check to see if it would fit.  At that moment the skies opened & I heard "hallelujah"  

I went to work on cleaning it up and giving it a quick sanding...  And, then I attached it to the top of my base.  I gave it wash of the General Finishes Buttermilk.  I also cleaned up the hardware & painted it as well.  Only one side had the I left it that way!!

So... you ready to see the pieces married & all together!?!

I used hemp oil over the entire piece and then went over with dark wax to give it a nice aged look!  It goes with my living room so well!  

Want to see where it is in my living room?  

It is my long awaited sofa table!!!

I've been wanting one that was the right size and that goes with my decor for a long while now.

There are some fun accessories that I will write about on another day... Like that red tray that's on top...made from reclaimed wood, and that wood box below (with the hinges exposed)..handmade from reclaimed wood.  

I love how this piece came out.  It was so easy to do with my General Finishes paint!!

Please make sure you stop by my amazingly talented friend and co-host for September.  I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed in what Carrie brings to the table to show you!!  She always WOWS me with her attention to detail, stunning designs & off the charts photography!!!

And, don't forget to hop on over and visit my other fabulous co-hosts.... the link up is below to start linking up those transformations!  Remember to visit often to see what others are linking up!  Last month was no disappointment so I can only imagine what this month will be bringing!

Much love, peace & happiness ~


  1. Wow - this is such a good idea. I need a sofa table...headed to Craig's list to see what I can redesign! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Your custom work always amazes me! I love that door top! Beautiful work, Lynn!

  3. Beautiful Lynn, I love it! Such gorgeous colors.

  4. What an awesome re-design. Love it!

  5. Loving that rustic vibe you've got going on Lynn, nice refab!

  6. New to General Finishes, If I have any questions to the product Ill be sure to come to you Lynn, you've done so many great projects with their line!

  7. Love that Antique Walnut gel stain! It looks real!

  8. These are some nice transformations. I like how they all look vintage, but yet stylish at the same time.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again when we open our doors at 12 AM EST on Friday.


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