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Hello there my sweet friends..  I have been super busy trying to wrap up a few projects before leaving for Haven on Thursday morning.

But, before I go I wanted to bring something to you that's really cool, fun and right up my alley!!  It's called Estate Sale Search.  

If you've been a follower or a reader, you know how much I love to hit up auctions and estate sales.  Well sometimes I don't always find what I am looking for.  Being that I do custom work, I often have clients that are looking for a specific piece of furniture.   

It almost never fails when I hand my business card to someone for them to ask me to keep my eyes open for a piece they don't have the time to go out and look for themselves.   

Currently I have a client I am working with that is looking for a couple of different pieces of furniture.  I haven't had a ton of time to go out searching to find those items.  So...I am going to let Estate Sale Search do the work for me.  

On Fern Avenue

Let's take a step back... I have been following Cari from the HGTV show Cash & Cari since she first aired back in... I believe 2011.  She has a love of antiquing and has no problems getting down dirty digging.  She loves to re-purpose furniture and turn something ugly, worn or aged into something beautiful again by breathing new life into it.  Sound familiar?  Yeah a girl after my own heart!!!

I caught up with Cari a couple of years ago at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck - 

On Fern Avenue
And, then again this year with my friend Evey....  She's awesome guys...seriously one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure of meeting.  Down to earth..yup!  Fun...yup!  Beautiful inside & out...yup!

on fern avenue

I discovered her new company and became more curious. Sign-up is free so hey why not check it out.  

Some really cool things about the site is not only can you use it to help locate items, but you can use it to help locate sales.  Best part is if you don't see your item listed, you can subscribe to receive email notifications to let you know that an item has been located for you...

So while I am off at Haven, I will put to work.  Using the Antique Match Maker feature, I was able to enter all of my information, what I am looking for and hit subscribe.  Now I just wait for that notification email. 

There are so many more features that I am still checking out, but will be coming back with tons more information.

I can't wait to find my match so I can get to work on my customers vision... We are in the process of choosing just the right colors using Cari's RePurpose Paint & Stain line.  

I have been using both products on a few projects lately.  Can I just say that I really love using this product!?!

If you know me, you know I won't tell you I like something unless...well unless I truly like it.  But, this I love.  The first thing I noticed was the ease of the paint going on.  It dried quickly, durable and best of all it has a wonderful leveling effect.  It is smooth and there is limited sanding involved to get it baby butt smooth.  I have done pieces that I didn't even need to sand.  On the kitchen table I did recently, I used #0000 steel wool and whoa baby!! 

I used wax to seal, but I have witnessed my friend Troy (Newburgh Vintage Emporium) use the polyurethane and it's in my future for sure.  

So...stay tuned lots of information in the coming days.  I will be showing you what Antique Match Maker found for me & my client.  And, we'll be sharing the full transformation with you....

Much love, peace & happiness~

Disclosure: Remember all opinions I share about the products in my post are 100% my own with complete honesty.The post contains sponsored links from and RePurpose.  

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