Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage - Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest - Lynn Fern

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage - Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest

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Happy Monday... Happy June....  

We are back with the 2nd month of the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest. 

Fab Furniture Flippin Contest

When we were told who our sponsor and theme was for the month, I could barely sit in my seat....  

I couldn't be more excited that our sponsor is -

Old Fashioned Milk Paint

.....with Shabby Chic Storage as our theme

Old Fashioned Milk Paint will be providing our winner of the contest a super generous  package of goodies... 

6-Quarts of OFMP (choice of colors)
1-Quart of Extra-Bond
1-Pint Antique Crackle
1-5 oz tin of Daddy Van's Clear Wax (in either unscented, lavender or orange oil)
1-2 oz tin each of Daddy Van's Antique Brown & Shadow Black waxes

Knowing the sponsor and what theme we were doing... I knew exactly which piece in my basement, garage (& back deck) full of furniture I wanted to do.  I had my husband dig out the piece...

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

As you can see there is a tiny bit of dust on the shelves...  Actually truth be told this is how I picked the piece up.  It had sat in an open garage with no cover on it.  Sad but true.

You can see the glass is missing on the two sides of the main door....veneer missing on the bottom of each side (not pictured because I forgot)....and many other fixable issues.

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

I already had a vision in place and could not wait to get started on this and give it some sweet milk paint love!  Old Fashioned Milk Paint love to be more specific :)

First thing first, take care of the fixes and clean her up...properly prepping her!!! Even after giving her a good ole cleaning she was whistling a new tune...but just wait cause she is really humming after you see her new face..

I wanted her to be a pretty shabby chic green... You know just a little minty fresh.  I ordered up some Tavern Green (ok so I love a good Tavern and Green is one of my fav colors...so this works.. ) and some Snow White.  A color mixture that was sure to bring some gorgeous minty color.

Old Fashioned Milk Paint

I received my order and went to work immediately...

I first put a light coat of Snow White.  I then mixed my 2 colors in separate containers and then mixed some of the white in with the green until I reached the desired color.

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

I should back up just a bit.  On each side there was glass, which I liked, but I wanted more color to the piece than glass.  I removed the glass and used paintable wallpaper on both sides of the glass.  Put it back in and painted it along with the entire piece.

A couple of coats and I just let the milk paint do it's job...

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

Perfectly aged.... Sealed with Tung Oil darkened the color just to perfection!

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

I painted the inside shelves with a layer of the minty green and then a layer of the snow white.  I distressed it back and it looks so pretty.

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage
This is right after I added the sealer which darkens the color but hadn't set in just yet..
I added the chicken wire where the 2 glass sides were missing.  The glass door was a mess.  Hard to see in any pictures, but I just couldn't get it to look right to give this girl justice.

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

On the sides where I used paintable wallpaper, I used a little metallic wax to enhance to look like tin tiles.  It's hard to see in pictures, but it so looks like old tiles.  So pretty!

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

She is peacefully resting in my home where she'll stay.  Holding some of my favorite things...

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

My favorite throws.. old books that I collect.. dried hydrangea flowers..

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

Old Hutch turned Shabby Chic Storage

I just love how she came out whistling a whole new tune...a happy tune.  She smiles at me and sings to my heart!

Contest runs from Monday, June 1 (7 am EST) - Saturday, June 20 (12 am EST)
Theme: “Shabby Chic Storage”
Sponsor:  The Old Fashioned Milk PaintCompany

This months co-host that participated in the the theme -

And, don't forget to pay our sponsor a visit...  Old Fashioned Milk Paint

On Fern Avenue
Much love, peace & happiness 

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  1. I LOVE LOVE this! Great style and color choice, Lynn!

  2. Well, shoot...I should probably do this! I love your cabinet!!

  3. This is such a stunning piece. Great job!

  4. Very beautiful piece! Especially like the part where you added wallpaper to the glass inserts. Adds so much charm!

  5. Lynn, I have the perfect place for this....now I just need a bigger house...lol. Gorgeous chippiness and I love the fresh green color. Nice work!

  6. Lovely transformation -- and such a difference!!

  7. Love the transformation! I'm really loving green painted furniture these days. You decorated "her" so nicely too.

  8. The color is great and I love the chicken wire!
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

  9. Wow! What a great change-up! So glad you could give this beauty a new life and she looks perfect in your room!

  10. I just LOVE this awesome piece! I never would have thought to remove the glass but that's what makes it so fabulous.
    Super job, hope you can share it with us.

  11. Congrats Lynn! Your post was the #1 most clicked from last week's Friday's Furniture Fix link party! Thanks so much for linking up with us - stop by to grab a Featured button for your blog! We can't wait to see more of your pieces :D

  12. This piece! Congratulations my friend on having the most popular piece on our very first Friday's Furniture Fix link-up party! It's gorgeous, thats why! Thank you for linking up, Lynn!


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