It's hard to believe it's been 3 years....

Yesterday was a day of reflection.  My shoulder & back have been bothering me, and yesterday they just seemed to be much more tight & tense.

I was very somber throughout the day...

It's been 3 years... since our house looked like this...

If you haven't read the can here!  

I loved our home that we had purchased together as a family.  It had a feeling about it when I walked into it..  It felt like home!  

It now looks like this...

We've done tons of work and still have lots to do.  We've added blacktop to the driveway.  We've added pavers to the back patio area along with retaining walls.  I just haven't had a chance to take good pictures. 

You can see what the inside looks like in the home tour I did.  It looks the same except I've change decor around many times.  Our home decor is like a revolving door...

Yesterday was tough I won't try and sugar coat it.  I think about it every year...every year gets easier, but it is still there and always will be.  I wrote about it in 2013 - here.  But, I didn't last year.  Last year was strange... I had a hard time with it last year.  

It falls on the day before our Wedding Anniversary... And, it so happened to have happened the Thursday night/Friday morning before Fathers Day.  Being human I suppose it just takes its toll on me.  

I love our new home, and feel beyond blessed to have the friends and family we have to have helped us rebuild.  

The fire is what sparked my inner creative being to come alive.

Right before we started renovations I had declared that I am the worse painter alive.  We have friends that paint as a profession.  Brothers that own a company that we know well.  I wanted to hire them to help with the painting during renovations.  See the inside of the previous home was all blue (hmm I wonder if this is what has pulled my blue fascination as of late).  It was owned by a single father to one boy & one girl.  But, blue in pretty much every single room...even the counter-tops in the kitchen were blue.  And, bright red in what would be the girls room.  

I was worried about painting the walls (literally had panic attacks) because I declared that I suck at painting.. My words literally....yup me...suck at painting!  Well my husband the guy that grew up helping build homes & being "we can do this ourselves" attitude wasn't having way was he hiring someone to come in & paint.  So...guess who picked up a brush and went to work...  That would be "Miss I suck at painting"!!

And, then we happened upon an estate sale and made a purchase of this server and old armoire.  I went to work on them in the garage and they turned out simply amazing!  This was before the fire (we lost them), and before I was blogging so unfortunately no pictures. 

The day I finished them is the night of the fire.  Once I regained myself, I needed a stress reliever.  I sat out on a mission.  We needed replacement furniture.  I didn't want to purchase from chain stores...I wanted something different that wasn't going to be in everyone's home.  I hit up auctions and estate sales and found pieces for our home.  

As I started working on different pieces it released the anger, frustration, sadness....every emotion I was feeling.  I was creating one of a kind pieces to go back into what would now become our home!

I've learned that life throws some curve balls at us, and it's not always easy to catch them or even be able to take a simple swing at them.  But, it is easy to locate that ball, pick it up and toss it back from where it came from and try to hit the next ball out of the park.  I believe that I have done just that.  I learned that I am actually a pretty creative person that doesn't suck at painting.  I've hit that ball out of the park multiple times, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of so many that have cheered me on!  

My family & I are so incredibly fortunate and blessed.  And, we will continue to take each June 15 in stride remembering what we have as a family is so much more important than what we have in materials.

Much love, peace & happiness to all ~


  1. I can only imagine how hard that day was... and continues to be. Keep on hitting it out the ballpark!
    BIG hugs!

  2. sounds like you have grown a lot in that 3 years! we had a fire on our street in 2013 with much worse results, so i have seen the devastation in person that it can cause a family, and i have seen that loss... i just can't imagine. my neighbors lost their 3 year old and 6 year old, and they somehow manage to go on for their now 10 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old. fire is so devastating- i am glad you are all safe and healthy.


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