On Fern Avenue Round Up

I'm here...  I promise..  And, I thank you for being patient with me..

I've been working on a ton of projects over the last couple of weeks that I will write more about soon, but will give you a few peeks now.

They include a pair of round side tables using Benjamin Moore Bruton White and Mopboard Black

These tables were in horrible condition on top.  I ended up sanding the tops completely down...but now I love how wonderful they turned out.

....a chalkboard from a reclaimed wood drawer from a 1700s barn

this is probably one of my favorite chalkboards ever..

2 pine dresser makeovers

I love this green from Miss Mustard Seed..Boxwood.  The striped dresser is gorgeous and the pictures don't touch the beauty that it is.  I promise to bring the full details to you soon.

picking free furniture up from the curb...  I can't wait to start on this baby & show how someone else's trash turns into a stunning treasure.  This is going to be a fun save!!

and working with a client on a table makeover and a built in locker system.  This table is just WOW!  I love it so much and I can't wait to show you the details!!

The pictures don't even come close to doing this built in justice.  It is beautiful, but it was a beast...more to come on this at a later time.

And in between those projects we had Shea's last soccer game.

Her coach is amazing..  He had between 30-40 three and four year olds.  How he kept their attention and motivated is beyond me.  His helpers (pictured above and below) were pretty awesome as well.  I watched Coach Quick focus on teaching these little ones the root of soccer by showing them the fundamentals.  They had fun while learning the basics...and he rocked it!  He is the Cornwall's Varsity Boys Soccer Coach...and the fact that he knows his audience is beyond impressive to me!  Great job coach...hoping to have you apart of our soccer life for a long time!

This cute little blonde goes to PreK with Shea... There is a small group of girls that play together every single day, and this cutie is 1 of 2 boys that are "allowed" to play in their group of girls...they all love him. But, what's not to love...he's adorable & he is so kind, caring & sweet.

Kaitlyn's Nutcracker rehearsal where she is an angel and a young child.  I have taken her to see her cousins the last 3 years & this is her 1st year as a participant.  We are both very excited!!  Mommy is proud of the little dancer she is becoming.

A few small projects in between...

Taking this blah chair and turning into this beauty....

And, this happened..getting mic'd up for a fun show. I will be sharing all details with you soon....pinkie promise.

I had the best time, met some fantastic peeps and this will be a ride that I will forever cherish.  I really really really want to tell you all about it....and I promise as soon as I can I will give you the big ole warning that it's up and on the blog.

We've been a very busy family.  I have many (as you can see above) projects I am ready to share with you. Life is good & we are blessed beyond.

Until then I am off to make baked ziti so dinner will be ready for my family tonight (being that we have 2 hours of ballet this afternoon), and then to edit pictures!!

With much love, peace & happiness...

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