On Fern Avenue's Weekly Round Up

Yowzers what a busy week.  I can't remember the last time I had a week so jammed packed full.  All fun stuff though so no complaints here.  Besides sleep is overrated....said NO ONE ever!

First up my girls were home with me on Monday for Columbus Day.  We had a few errands to run for my day on Wednesday, but then came home and moved some clothes around (the ole winter clothes switch out).

Tuesday started my week off of fun!  Remember my trip to Williamsburg with Benjamin Moore?  I wrote about it here and here...

While there I met some fantastic folks from Benjamin Moore and they invited me to breakfast on Tuesday morning for the unveiling of the 2015 Color of the Year! How fun & exciting is that!?!  Seriously peeps I can't even tell you how it felt to be there.

The design studio is gorgeous. With walls lined with color swatches... I literally could stand looking for hours through the colors.

I got to be one of the firsts to know that Guilford Green (HC-116) is the 2015 Color of the Year!  The new natural!  Yes please!

A striking green that compliments colors from all different design styles.  I got a sample pint of this beauty that I will assure you that I will be using very soon!

“We chose Guilford Green as our 2015 Color of the Year because it can be the hero or the highlight in any room, enhancing the architectural identity of a space,” said Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director at Benjamin Moore. “Guilford Green is the perfect thread to connect nature, spaces and interiors with color schemes that signify fresh energy and growth.” 

I guess it helps that my favorite color is green. 

Along with unveiling the Color of the Year, Benjamin Moore introduced Color Trends 2015, a curated palette of 23 colors consisting of beautiful green, blue, blush and berry shades that can transform a space.

I can truly see this color palette being used in a vast array of rooms, furniture and in many different combinations.

Carter Plum on the walls paired with this green in the fern!  Simply stunning & so rich!

Guilford Green captured on the walls in this bathroom....
It was a fun day indeed..  And, ended with a train ride home which included my favorite cheesecake from Junior's.

Wednesday...  my day started early and I had to travel to Stamford, CT for a very important date!  Of course I can't tell you exactly what my day included, but let's just say it was amazingly fun, long and tiring, but oh me oh my when I get spill the beans you are going to love it!! 

The day included transforming a few pieces of furniture, working side by side with my friend Cindy (who rocks by the way)...we make a good team :) and rubbing shoulders with some of the best handy men I've ever met! 

Part of what I was doing I wrote about here.  And, I promise soon I will fill you in on the details!

Thursday my big girl had her eye exam.  A few weeks ago we were sent a note from school that her eyes were a little off and we should follow-up with an eye doctor.  What!?!  I never would've guessed that!  We do have best disease and macular degeneration in the family.  It was time for them to take a closer look....I suppose.

My girl's eyes are a little off..her left eye is weak.  Which in all honesty I probably shouldn't be surprised.  Prior to the note from school for about 6ish months, she has complained that her eye hurts (left eye of course), and that by night she has a slight headache.

So....here we are in glasses at the age of 6!  I think I had my 1st set of glasses by 7! 

I think she looks adorable, smart & slightly sassy...

Friday my baby girl had her first field trip to Manza Family Farm.  It was a gorgeous day out...and the kids were so sweet & fun!  They behaved themselves well and had a great time.

They went on the Pumpkin Express for a hay ride...

to the pumpkin patch

to pick pumpkins..

And, they had a picnic lunch by the train.

..and made their way through a maze!

It was such a beautiful day out.. Perfect to spend with my little miss miss.

Saturday I hit up the town wide yard sales...  More to come on Tuesday!  I scored some nice finds.  And, I met with a client (friend) to give her table a nice transformation!!  And.... insert squeelllll here..  to work some magic on her daughters new room which includes a custom built headboard and shutters.  My mind is swirling with some amazing ideas for her!

Our Sunday... Nutcracker rehearsal for 2 1/2 hours and then off to celebrate my mother in laws birthday!  And, then home to fall face first into my bed!

She picked the dress with green on top.  Why?  Because it is mommy's favorite color...  Love this girl!

A very Happy Birthday to a nanny that loves her grand-kids and family without condition!!  Hoping it is the happiest of days!

I am exhausted, but my heart is full!  I've been handed some pretty amazing opportunities, spent some quality time with family, and I am so very thankful to have been apart of each of them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and greatness awaits you for the week ahead!

With much love, peace & happiness ~


  1. What a crazy week, Lynn! I so wish I could have come with you to Benjamin Moore - next time :)

    Hope to see you soon -- want to set up a lunch date near the Emporium soon?

    Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home

    1. It was a crazy week & I am just now finally catching up at home. It was a great time at Benjamin Moore & we missed you. We should set something up soon for lunch. Let me know when you plan to be up in the next week or 2.

  2. I think a better name is Fern Green.
    Can't wait to share what we can do together!

    1. Fern Green would be cool :) I hear ya...soon!!

  3. Guilford Green is a beautiful color. I painted a playroom that once. You did have a busy week. Sleep? Who needs sleep....ME!


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