Thrifty Trip Tuesday #7

Happy Tuesday!!

I had such a whirlwind of a weekend that I am seriously feeling behind in my days.  

My friend Cindy & I hit the road early Friday morning with our sights set on a place we've both wanted to visit....  

Brimfield Flea Market

Brimfield Massachusetts is the site of the largest outdoor antique show in New England, with over 5000 dealers from all over the country. The shows, a week each, happen three times a year, May, July, and September. The shows are all located within a one mile stretch on both sides of Route 20. There are 21 Fields each approximately 3 to 5 acres.  It is by far the Classic Antique Event of the Year.  Besides hosting the largest Antique Show in New England, we are centrally located in Massachusetts.  Driving access to the area is made easy,  as we are close to Route 84 and the MassachusettsTurnpike.  There are many attractions close to the area which make a stay memorable.

We had no idea what to expect. But, once we pulled into a parking spot we were right in our element!!  We were hungry, but kept getting sidetracked... "oh look at this, look at that", "should we go this way, or that way".  Finally making our way to a snack stand we both ordered a very yummy chicken salad wrap & split an order of sweet potato fries.  We now had the energy we needed to conquer the day.  

**** WARNING **** This post will be picture heavy...I apologize in advance.  

I am going to let most of the pictures do the talking for themselves. 

As we drove through Brimfield

If you have followed my blog, you will know I have a passion for horses.  This guy was just a little more money than I had :(

There were so many things I could've packed right into my van...  Lots of lovely items.

For my friend Pamela at From My Front Porch To Yours

It was a long hot day, so we stopped off in the food court to grab a beer to cool us off.  I choose the Pumpkin beer to ring in the soon to be fall!

 This was a fun field with a ton of industrial items from windows to ladders, wire baskets, tin tiles, etc...

Even this cool tee-pee.  

Get a hold of all those amazing lockers!!  Lights, camera...action!  Wouldn't this make a fun set?  

Some really great signs...

This reminds me of back home in Texas..

If you were looking for was there!  So many great colors & patterns!

Legs!?! Anyone!  Can you imagine the things that could be done with these sexy things?  I can see them going on a piece of barnwood to make a nice table.  

I would take these & turn them to have the scrolls on the bottom and make a coffee table with great detail on the edges of the table top!  There were 4 of them...I should've bought them :)
Lots of fantastic items.  Unfortunately we only had a certain amount of room in the van.  

Cindy was pooping out on me & decided to take a seat on this chair...  

These are the items I came home with.... 

This is a really fun old bath scale.  You can actually stand on does go up to 290 lbs, and this is the first I've come across in my days of treasure hunting!

This little cart looking thing with wheels is what they would carry glue buckets around on. But, Cindy and I both have other plans for this guy!!

At the very end of our day 2 (Saturday) a lady bug flew & landed in my hair...  Is this a lucky sign of what's to come?  

Bottom line is that we found some -

Even though some parts of the weekend was extremely hot (& we were sure we smelled, and looked yucky), it was a fun filled exhausting weekend that I will cherish & remember just how blessed I am.  We had such an amazing time, met some awesome new friends that we will continue to stay in touch with!  Lots of great things & a wonderful positive experience was had!!  

Stay tuned because much more to share with you from the weekend in the near future.  I promise you won't be disappointed and I may even get a gasp from you....

Much love, peace & happiness


  1. Oh my word! I would have been in HEAVEN!!!!!

  2. I love a good flea market and seeing all the unique stuff to buy!

  3. I need that CLEAN UP AND KEEP CLEAN sign for my house. The pictures were fun and inspired lots of DYI fantasizing.

  4. Oh goodness, way too much awesomeness in one place - I would have needed a semi!

  5. Wow I would drain my bank account faster then that home depot breech did! LOL I saw tons of goodies I wouldn't be able to walk away from....


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